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Friday, July 2, 2010


David and Goliath has been done, and done again, and done so well, why should anyone even try to touch the subject after Michelangelo perfected the subject? Probably because the story speaks to everyone. We all want to feel that we can overcome obstacles, even if we are each just flies in the universe. We want to feel that right is might, even though the world is destroyed by power grabbing politicians, businesses, and other perpetrators who are just too big for any of us to defeat with a rock.

Which is, I suppose, part of human nature. We all want someone else to solve the problems, enjoy the benefits, and retain the right to criticize the people who try to fight the battles for us.

Someone said that the thing we fear the most is our own power. If we really recognize the power within ourselves, we would feel the obligation to live up to our abilities. That's really frightening. That means sharing our feelings, standing up for what's right, taking risks -- and when we dare to do those things, we have become the giants, and people will try to take us down so everyone remains on the same level. That way everyone can remain comfortable in their passive complaints about the world.

Let's fight the giants!

This picture is painted on canvas, with the map, and oil and blood drips added in PhotoShop.


  1. Hey Linda, sorry I missed this one. The portrait is superb skin textures etc, But I guess it's the blind eye that engages, lifts it from the ordinary.

    Nice reflections on David and Goliath by the way.
    In oz we have the tall poppy syndrome. If someone gets too big for their boots we cut them down to size - whether they deserve it or not!

    Don't you love a mixed metaphor?

  2. You always seem to have a good way with words Andrew :)

    I left a comment on your site, but will repeat that I'm sorry about your loss. Meeting people on the internet gives us so many more friends, but sometimes we lose them too, and that can only be sad for those of us left behind. Love the viking funeral!

  3. Thanks Celso and Andrew for following! And thanks to everyone else who's following too! I know I messed up and neglected expressing my appreciation. I really do value you and promise to be a better friend in the future!

  4. Thanks to Johann too! Yay! Followers! :D

  5. Thanks for welcoming me to I.F.! As an artist, I really feel like a small fish swimming in a vast ocean so it's really nice of you to take time to look at my blog. I like how you chose the David and Goliath story as part of the Giant theme...even though Michaelangelo did it, he is still only one person and everyone has a different interpretation of the story. I agree with you too...life is about overcoming challenges. No one can make a difference for the better by being passive.

    Sorry for the long comment...I just like what you made and wrote.

  6. Celso, how can I argue with a long compliment?! I love the fact that people can talk about art and ideas through the computer. All to the good, and no matter where anybody is in their careers, everyone starts out as a small fish. The trick is surviving until you're one of the big fish :)

  7. Wow Linda this is a really powerful piece. Great for the theme too.