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Friday, February 11, 2011


"Sweater"? How does that fit into my carefully planned rant against Valentine's Day? I had amusing anecdotes to share about wrestling my roses away from the senile old woman who lived next door, and listing inappropriate gifts I've received from men, the worst of which was a toaster. Or maybe it was a blender? Either way, men should NOT give kitchen appliances on a romantic holiday, especially when they're the ones who want the toast or daiquiri in the first place.

I also had thoughts about showing all the cool stuff I've designed in the past for the holiday. I've done everything there is to do with a heart -- twisting, turning, stretching, black hearts, green hearts, upside down hearts... the possibilities have been endless. I have examples of clever die cuts, uses of metallic inks and varnishes, and cute attachments, but nooooo... the word for the week is "sweater"!

Okay, I'm adaptable and can do anything. Besides, this is my blog, and if I feel like ranting against Valentine's Day, I can -- and hopefully everyone else will indulge me, because I'm tired of a holiday bent on reminding me that I'm single at this age. And even though I'm quite unreligious, I'll leave off my ranting with one of my favorite quotes from the Bible, Song of Solomon 2:5...

"Comfort me with apples for I am sick of love"


  1. I expected 'Valentine' too, but found myself hastily drawing an angora goat for a mohair sweater story. ;-)
    Wishing you a very happy Valentine's day without kitchen appliances (that is almost criminal...arrghhh!), lots of big, red hearts and lovely postcards.

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  3. Ha! I didn't see this one coming, either! Nice job with the pattern!
    I'm a little bit sentimental, but I always enjoyed the innocence of celebrating V-day as a kid. An inexpensive box of valentines to share with classmates, a few candies and cookies, and no pressure.
    Treat yourself to a simple indulgence and enjoy the day, free from expectations! :o)

  4. Sorry, I said something stupid. The unstupid part of it was, nice to see someone else ranting! Cheers, R

  5. It's nice to see a blend between a fellow ranter and the happier thoughts for the holiday!

    Michele, I kind of like remembering passing around the cheap cards in school, and every kid got one. I liked my classmates.

    Rand, I can only wonder what might've been in that comment!

    To Paula and everyone else, lots of hearts to you this year!

  6. You CAN do anything, including whipping up a great image for Sweater lightning quick. I laughed when I saw the prompt this morning. Who knew! Hahaha By the way, if this heart is on the sweater's sleeve, I'll buy one!

  7. I disagree. I want a man to give me a F.Dick ham slicer or All-Clad pan, a Dyson vacuum cleaner or Fiesta dishes! Just as long as we make reservations for dinner.

    Ah Valentine's Day is okay. No big deal. Great excuse to buy chocolates.

  8. Oh Ces, I am glad we do not have those slicer here ... we do have a man for a PM who dresses as a woman though :)

    Linda, you score triple AAA for cool with this image and the post.

    But .... Valentine's day is good, you know when you get those wierd anon-amous cards in the mail, and you get all excieted, till you discover that the man across the road sent it (and you are a man too, hetersexual at that)

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh :)

    nice to be wanted, and any excuse for chocolates, and without VD then florists would be broke and we would have to pick our own :)


  9. Ah, so very clever! I am wishy-washy about appliances as gifts. If I've been wanting it, I'm thrilled to get a Kitchenaid mixer or a carpet steamer, I'd even like one of those guys that travel around while you're gone and clean the floors, but things like air purifiers do absolutely nothing for me. (Believe me, that one went right back to the store!)

    Love that sweater!

  10. You are all so funny :) I love reading your comments.

    Krista, I had thought about making an exception for a very red Kitchenaid mixer, but the only carpet thing that would make me happy is the guy who comes in the truck to do it for us.

    Ces, I think the Fiesta dish would be great if a guy put breakfast on it and served it to me in bed!

    Andrew, I have a weird man across the street too. I don't want anything from him!

    Bella, I'm not about to start knitting, so maybe an iron-on decal for your sleeve?

    Seems like we can all agree chocolate is the way to go!!

  11. Another great post Linda! Have a nice weekend!

  12. Thanks Juan! A good weekend to you too!

  13. Valentines Day is like Christmas, birthdays or any other expectation-laden day. You have to make your own fun! I like the way you wove the sweater theme into what's going through your mind right now.

  14. Heisann!

    Happy Valentine to you!
    The illustration says everything.... and my husband said about Mother's day which in Norway is tomorrow... we don' t celebrate that day?
    I can buy some tulips myself, I said!
    That' s life ;:OD)

  15. I'm laughing! I'm with you 100%, and Nina above nailed with her husband's response to Mother's Day... I think on our first date my husband let me know that he didn't do Valentines. I still give him a cheap Hershey bar...cuz chocolate's chocolate good on any day! Buy yourself some yummy chocolate and lovely flowers, most guys get it wrong anyway...

  16. Oh, and I failed to mention, I love the image!!

  17. Maybe I'll go buy some tulips and chocolates. Glad I could make someone laugh, and to tell the truth, I'm laughing too. Thanks for the comments!

  18. Now Linda for goodness sake don't look at my blog...LOL...but I am so with you about kitchen gadgets...I think my Hb would end up wearing an iron if he ever bought me one..LOL.
    Wishing you a happy day anyway,
    Jane x

  19. Aha! Nice way to work in the sweater theme with Valentine's day.. I was just commenting on someone else's blog that I feel it kind of a cruel "holiday". My husband and I stopped giving gifts many years ago - no pressure!

    Great illustration, I love the detail!

  20. Ha ha. I was soooo expecting this week's IF prompt to be about Valentine's Day, and had picked out a great Etegami for it. IF always does it the hard way.

    Did you know that Valentines Day in Japan is the one day of the year that women are encouraged to boldly pursue the man they want? Women give chocolates to men on V-day. Then, a month later on March 14th, men are supposed to give a return gift. V-day was borrowed and adjusted to stimulate Japan's economy.

  21. Wonderful patterned piece! All of the holidays have become just profit making ventures. I celebrate and care for my family all year round, and that's immediate and extended, I don't need a holiday to remind me. I hear ya!

  22. Thanks for the comments! Just for the record, I am enjoying other people's happy blogs this week. I'm kind of enjoying the mental picture of Jane's husband wearing an iron too :) I completely agree Indigene about all the holidays being profit making ventures. Good thing for me in the past, because it helped pay the bills!

  23. Well, as I pointed out on my blog the socks were not appreciated. Valentine's day treats/tricks wait to be seen. Good luck with yours!

  24. I received some jokes today. Those are always welcome :) Hoping you get something better than socks this year Sharon!

  25. I don’t have any apples to comfort you with, but I do have a few clementines in the fruit bowl. I hope they work just as well :o) It’s your blog Linda! Rant and rave all you want:o) From the man’s side of Valentine’s day, Steve, a friend of mine got a red dish rag and a bottle of red dish soap.....hmmmm what was she thinking? (at least they were red). Another great post Linda! I always love to see what you have in store.....Oh and Happy Clementine’s Day!

  26. Thanks Jack! I like Clementine's Day much better. Yay for oranges! LOL

  27. Heeee! this is SUPER Linda. Wow, you are a master illustrator..and you know what? My hubby and I didn't celebrate that day either..it was mostly for my girls..they made out like bandits! Always great to see your posts..and wow, I love the last one..very cool to see your ghost-image!