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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Bottled Revisited"

One of the pleasures of blogging is visiting other people's sites to see what they're doing. Heike did an illustration of bottles for this week's theme which you can see here. Apparently I liked her idea so well I dreamt of it this morning. Yeah, first Harold, now Heike. I guess I'm dreaming a lot lately :)

In my dream, I was filling jars with things I want in my life. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and I briefly thought I should do something with the idea when I woke up, but you know how life is, first one thing, then another, and then the day is mostly shot, and I didn't do anything about it. So much for divine inspiration, but I had left a comment for Heike which led to a little back and forth email today, and voila, the desire to mimic her illustration came back to me.

My first daffodils are coming up, and I need some fresh life and fresh air in my home. I had other plans for this art, but butterflies on the mantle seem like as good a thing as any to do with them. Each tag has a different word for inspiration. Thanks for the motivation Heike!!!


  1. Thank you for honouring my post by turning it into such a beautiful work that can remind you all day long of your creative sources.

    It also gives you such a vivid feeling of spring with all these daffodils and butterflies. Who knows what else might wake up after a long winter?

  2. Nice, nice, nice. And a nice to Heike too! "In my dream, I was filling jars with things I want in my life." What a wonderful thought. (sigh)

    (I wouldn't visit my blog today if you have a habit of dreaming about posts. You may have nightmares about neurotic bananas! lol)

  3. Yay for waking up creativity! It has been a long winter.

    Rand, if I end up dreaming about neurotic bananas I may have to quit blogging!

  4. It looks lovely, an entire row of bottled flowers; makes me think of spring and summer and happy thoughts! :)

  5. Lovely work Linda. I really enjoy the color and layout. So pleasing to the eye. You have to dream more often :o) Do you onky dream about people whose names begin with "H". I guess Heidi is next :o)

  6. Hmm... Hannah, Herb, Horus? Too bad I don't know anybody else with an H name. Maybe I'm done dreaming? Thanks for the comments!

  7. What a lovely idea! Spring will be here eventually, won't it?? It is the middle of April after all...

  8. Hey, how charming this work is, comforting and warm :) Thanks for pointing me at Heike's work again. Her work is very refreshing.

    Spring there? Autumn here! Brrr I had to wear a wetsuit yesterday!

  9. Beautifully inspired! :o)
    I love this bottled daffodil display adorned with your butterfly tags and positive affirmations!
    Great ideas, both yours and Heike's!

  10. Thanks everybody! Easy to do, and so much nicer than a bare mantle with a stack of old Christmas cards on it :)

  11. What a lovely idea - I went over to Heike's blog and that concept is fun.

  12. Brigitte, maybe I should make music with my jars like your idea too? :)