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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The angel in charge of my prayer requests has a wicked sense of humor. At various times throughout the summer I have thought:

I want more exercise and fresh air
I’d like to see more of my brother Peter
I’d like my garden to get more sunshine
I don’t want the deer to eat my apples
I wish I had more wood to make a better deer barricade…

I think you can see the general train of my thoughts here. I didn’t realize that wishing for a better garden was going to result in a mature silver maple tree squashing the garden flat. Amazingly, even though an 11 foot circumference tree fell on my cultivations, I think my tomatoes and butternut squash survived the angels’ joke. It's a whole 'nother level of watching leaves fall in autumn!

Click on Marv Newland's art (or here) for a movie classic :)


  1. Hehhehe :) (Thats wicked laughter laughed very softly so no-one knows I am laughing) Hehehehehe :)

    So how does Bambi get back at Godzilla I wonder :)

    But seriously, I bet the angels have stopped many bad things happening to you - it's just that, being shy retiring types, they never like to brag

    Betcha :)

    Thanks for sharing "Flattened". I kept waiting for Bambi to rise again....

  2. Goodness me Linda I think your prayer angel knows that YOU must have a sense of humour!Perhaps she thought that sending a huge tree down would save you the energy of putting up better deer fencing?It makes me smile that you are trying to keep deer out of your garden,if they got into my tiny garden they would barely be able to turn around....(perhaps that's why there are not many deer around here ;0) enjoy your up coming weekend,
    Jane x

  3. Sometimes I do thank my angels for the good things they do, and to tell the truth, this tree thing could've been much worse. And yes, this does work as deer fencing for now :)

    Glad you appreciated the Bambi movie Andrew! I have a wicked chuckle every time I watch it too.

  4. Haha, all your troubles taken care of in one fell swoop. (was your brother in the tree?) :o)

  5. Oh dear...or should I say deer...

    We lost all our backyard trees to Hurricane Fran a few years back. I'm not sure if angels were involved, but chainsaws & garden-flattening definitely were. On the plus side, we have many fewer squirrel marauders since the pecan trees bit the dust. %}

    Nature can be heavy-handed (or footed) at times,

  6. So sorry you lost your pecans! The only thing I'm losing is some of those pesky helicopters that the maples send down. One less place for the squirrels to hang out too :)