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Monday, November 28, 2011

Karma Coins Continued

I’ve decided to give my little dog Penny a karma coin, even though she has received some recent demerits…

“Your dog was in my yard.”
“Yeah, I know. I’ve got her back.”
“I don’t want her to get hit by a car, so you better find her.”
“I’ve already got her. I’m sorry she bothered you.”
“I just don’t want her hit.”

This conversation with my next door neighbor John Sr. went on a while until Penny came out and wagged her tail. It was nice of John to come over, especially since he isn’t moving very well anymore and has to use a cane. He obviously can’t hear either. Then I had to listen to his wistful memories of his past dogs that were all some mix of wolf, tiger, shark, and dragon. I’m so glad John Jr. has a nice indoor cat these days.

I took Penny inside and discussed her sins…
“You have to stay in the yard.”
Penny gives me a slightly concerned look.
“Inside the fence is ours. Outside the fence is everybody else. You stay inside our yard.”
Penny thumps her tail on my leg and nestles into my side. We both sigh.

“Hey! Your dog is in my yard!”
I look up and see Penny making gleeful circles around John Jr.
“Alright, I’m coming over.”

‘Coming over’ requires slopping my way through the back 40 of my yard, through my house with muddy boots, and slopping my way through the Johns’ yard where I can’t find Penny or Jr. I slop my way back through their back 40, back through my house, and back to my back 40 – where I can now see Penny in the Johns’ back yard.

“Get over here!”
Penny obediently ducks through a previously undiscovered hole in the fence and wags her tail at me.
“You have to stay in OUR yard!”
Penny looks slightly contrite while I barricade her latest exit point, and watches while I mop muddy footprints in the house. We repeat the conversation about ‘our yard’ vs. everything else. Penny cuddles in my arms and puts her paw on my heart. I’m pretty sure she’s a slow learner, but she’s awfully cute. She breaks down my efforts at discipline.

A couple of cute little boys come to my side door.
“Did my dog get out again?”
“She’s in our yard, and our mom said we had to tell you. Can we play with her?”
I look across the street and see Penny licking the face of their little sister, who is rolling on the grass in hysterical giggles.
“Yeah. Keep her over there a minute. I’ll get my shoes.”

I point my finger in Penny’s face and explain how it’s bad enough to visit the Johns, but she is NOT allowed to cross the street. She licks my finger.

Wait a sec, am I really going to give this dog a karma coin? She’s lucky she’s so sweet and cuddly, and comes when I call her. She’s good for my heart. There’s a reason people with dogs live longer. That’s why she gets a karma coin.


  1. Hehehehehehe! Aww, that was a charming story. Hey, she's just spreading the love. :)

  2. I had a chihuahua that use to always escape and he would go and visit the neighbors, all the neighbors. All of them loved him with the exception of the people across the street who never came to me, but instead called animal control repetitively to complain. He would stand on his front legs and urinate in their yard. I think he must have been a circus dog in a former life ;) I finally had to give him away because they were charging us excessively for his escapades and there was no way to keep him in. He was sneaky and always found a way out or he would bolt out the door if someone opened it, which with three kids in the house, happened fairly often.

  3. Oh I love to be licked by dogs, especially when I don't know where their mouths have been - well I do know..... they have been licking other peoples faces!

    Your dog sounds like a sweet heart, all full of life and wanting to visit. I'd say your neighbor is just jealous because deep down he realizes he is a dog person.... or maybe he keeps making the holes in the fence so he can have a reason to chat you up?

    men never change :)

  4. I never thought to blame Jr. for Penny's escapes, but it's all making sense now :) It would be funny to see the circus dog peeing while on his front legs. My Penny pees like a boy. Thanks for the comments!

  5. Every time I visit your blog I wonder why I don't do it more often. Thanks for this story Linda. You have a gift (besides Penny).

  6. I love the idea of a Karma coin. Penny sounds great, naughty but nice :)

  7. Penny is very sweet, but I don't know why she feels like exploring so much lately. It was much worse when I had dalmatians. They can run far, far away. At least Penny is just visiting neighbors :) Thanks for the comments!