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Friday, June 29, 2012


“Refresh”?  You gotta be kidding me.  I’m melting in Ohio today.  It’s at least a million degrees F with about 5,000% humidity, which means we are now hotter than the sun.  At least I think so.  I don’t actually know how hot the sun is, and I’m not going there to stick a thermometer in it, but I do know I’m HOT, and not in that pleasant, sexy kind of way either.

Even with this equatorial heat, this is a time for parties in the US because the 4th of July is when we celebrate our break from Britain and became our own country – not that we actually do anything very patriotic, unless picnics are patriotic?  In my clan, Sis #1 and her family are coming to visit this weekend.  Time for potluck!  And time to sit in the shade and drink a lot of iced tea.

Yay!  Jane from Jane’s Journal gifted me a Sunshine Award.  I’ll admit it, I’m shameless about loving this kind of thing, and I think it’s wonderful how blogging buddies spread their love around.  Jane has a wonderful blog, and I hope you visit her site.  I’m feeling especially happy that she gave me this award on turtle week since I love turtles.

Part of the joy of awards is getting the chance to spread the love to others.  Jane nominated me, but said that other deserving bloggers can just take the award for themselves, so I’ll follow her example.  My nominee is Amanda Dilworth.  I love her use of colors and patterns, so check out her site too.

Now I have to answer questions…

1. Favorite animal: My dog Penny is my favorite, but like I said above, I also love turtles
2. Favorite number: 4.  I like the way 4s are the corners to everything.  They seem so solid.
3. Favorite non-alcoholic drink:  I drink a lot of iced tea.  Not so sure that’s my favorite drink, but that’s what I actually drink.
4. Facebook or Twitter: I hate Facebook, but that’s the one I use.  I don’t want to get sucked into Twittering too.
5. My passion:  Kids, education, science, fairness… Oh yeah, one passion?  Art.
6. Getting or giving:  Both can be fun, just like getting and giving awards.
7. Favorite day of the week:  Saturday.  That’s the day most open to everything.
8. Favorite flower: This is like choosing between blogging buddies, but I think I’ll pick day lilies today.
9. Favorite country:  I’ve only been in 3 countries so far since I’ve never gotten off of North America, so I don’t have a lot of comparison.  But I love home, so I pick the US, though in all honesty, I almost picked Canada.  They're very nice there and the scenery is great, but it's too cold most of the year to be my "favorite".


  1. Have fun with your Sis #1! Canada Day weekend up here! Have a good 4th to all. And congrats on the Sunshine Award!

  2. That's one very refreshing and laid back piece of art today Linda. Glad you liked the award..you do bring lots of sunshine. I never realised how much you love turtles..how funny that it coincided with my turtle post! Enjoy your celebrations with your sis and have a great weekend.
    Jane x

  3. Thanks again Jane! Just goes to show that even though the US was like a kid that needed to grow up and break free, we still have friendly relations with our parent :) And our sibling -- so happy Canada Day weekend Rand! It's probably wrong for me to sing "Oh Canada" on the 4th of July weekend? Wishing you both a great weekend!

  4. As a "non-artist" I am always curious about your image techniques. I can imagine myself in that chair, wearing that hat, and drinking that tea or whatever it is. :)

    Thanks for passing on your sunshine award. As I read your answers, I thought about what my answers would be. I thought I was the only one who has not left the continent. :) But wait! Is Aruba in North or South America? I've been there! Gotta Google it. Stay cool.

  5. So nice about the blog award, congrats! Really lovely graphic image with that wonderful hat and the soft happy colors. We're expecting 90+ for the next week too (Chicago area), ugh!

  6. I don't know if Aruba counts as North or South America. I went to the Bahamas which is in the Carribeans too, and I guess I assumed it was part of North America. Maybe I've accidently been on another continent? Thanks for the comments. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

  7. It is always fun to read someone's award question/answers. It is hot here as well. But some like it hot. Weirdos like me. Yes, why is it that even though we hate facehole we still use it. Congrats on the award!

  8. Very cool! Beautiful colors and great technique.

    Have fun picking lillies.

  9. Enjoy your iced tea and family. Hope you get some cool breezes soon!

  10. Sweet image. It is finally cooling down in Jersey!

  11. Thanks everybody! It's still hot here, but it's not as miserably hot as it was, and I even got a little bit of rain so my garden may survive. Happy 4th!!

  12. Haha well you made me laugh after the second sentence, and giggle by the third and I won't tell you how the fourth effected me but from now on I will wear a bib when I visit.
    Heh, now the image is refreshing. what colour chords . It's almost like you do this for a living. :) Turtles eh? I always thought that they smelled funny, like muddy water, but I suppose I had my nose too close to them :)

    I like your reasons for choosing your answers. You really could be syndicated you know that '? :) Cheers from oz!

    I should be round more often as they have taken the lock from both my room and my keyboard....

  13. First of all; Happy 4th of July. Maybe picnic isn't particularly patriotic, but it sounds like a fun thing to do. Enjoy the company of your sister and family. Secondly; congratulations with the Sunshine Award. I think your attitude is wonderful. Those awards are a great way to spread the love to other bloggers. (And by the way sorry for having been absent lately, I just haven't had time to comment the last couple of weeks).

  14. I sang patriotic songs at a picnic with a friend on the 4th. That's got to count for something! If only adding to the noise pollution of the day.

    I'm glad they're letting you out of your cave Andrew! I hope you're feeling better.

  15. Congrats on the reward! I really like your "refresh" illo, too. It's nice and simple and, well, refreshing ;) Hope your 4th was fun. Stay cool.

  16. Beautiful illustration, Linda! I wish you cooler days and nights soon!! I am so spoiled with CA weather and I just appreciate every cool night. We just got back from an awesome time away on the East coast and it was hot, sticky, humid each day/night...oy! Congratulations on the award, as you truly deserve it!

  17. Thanks ladies! It's still hot and sticky in Ohio, but the weather people are promising that things will get back to normal soon. Hoping, hoping, hoping!!!