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Friday, July 18, 2014


I got out my high school year book because my classmates decided to have a reunion tomorrow.  I decided to go since a friend I haven't seen since then is in town and I got out the book to study and remember people.  I bet whoever planned this outing remembers everyone without studying, but I'll be the first to say that I wasn't all that invested in high school. 

Apparently my school had a lot of activities: theater, sports, Glee Club... whole chunks of my yearbook are devoted to these things.  I thought we had football so we could kiss boys from other schools under the bleachers, but I guess there were people with "team spirit" who cared that "we" won the regionals.

I brazenly cut out whenever possible.  It was boring to keep coming up with ways out of class so I took a teacher's pad of passes and filled them out to explain my presence in halls during class.  That even got tedious so I started writing myself out of classes for the entire school year, then I decided to give myself permission to be on the grounds too (to take photos) which made it easier to leave school property.  Whole absences weren't a problem because I had my parents' signatures down pat.  Mom didn't like being bothered with absence notes anyway.

Imagine my surprise when the assistant principal blocked my way out when a school assembly was called.  I mean really, who would willingly go to an assembly?  But I was marched to the gym where I chatted with my pals in the far off seats where kids without "Glee" hung out.  People said my name was called, but I laughed until more people insisted I had to join the activity in the middle of the gym.  I didn't even know what the topic was, and sure didn't want to embarrass myself by being in the middle of it.

National Honor Society.  You Have Got To Be Kidding Me.  A photo was taken of me ready to bolt.  That moment still makes one of my friends bust out laughing.  Okay, I admit I didn't want to be in school, but I did the bare requirements to get A's.  So totally uncool, but all those A's let me get away with all my bogus hall passes.  I swear karma caught up to me for all this when I became a substitute teacher.

I was further surprised when my classmates voted me "Most Artistic".  Since I cut out of class so much, I didn't even know my classmates were aware of my existence.  For those of you who remember Greg, he definitely didn't see that paint roller coming :)

I painted that on the wall
All this seems a million years ago and mostly reminds me I'd like my younger body back and fewer wrinkles.  Alas.  Oh well, I assume some of my classmates have gotten fatter or balder or something.  I'll choose to remember them as they were uh, um, some time ago before they started having class reunions every 5 years instead of 10.

I finished my painting and the varnish is drying.  Maybe it will be in its new home next week and I'll be able to show you what I've been working on.  I think I'll start something new.

Forgot to explain the "repeat" in this, but reunions make me feel like "Groundhog's Day".  Same people, same friendships, over and over.  I wrote something a lot less irreverent about reunions giving us the opportunity to get in touch with ourselves, but looking through the yearbook sent me in a different direction.


  1. I hear you, Linda. Art class and the drama club (and the friends involved in both) got me through high school, albeit with fewer "A"s than you... lol. Nice post and nice to see the younger you. (I was a lot more nerdy looking than you!)

  2. It looks like that feistiness that I detect in your posts goes w-a-y back, judging by that innocent but knowing "Who me?" expression in your class photo. Wish I'd known you back then!

  3. Me too... Wish I'd known you back then!

    1. Thanks, but you get to know me now and I'm a lot more sane now!

  4. I think the nerdy boys mostly ended up better looking than I anticipated back then, and often more interesting too. You're so right Susan about the "who me?" expression. I got away with a lot. But as I said just last night, I don't regret any of it. I had a good time then and at the reunion. Quite a few people came out.

    Turns out one of my classmates created an art gallery complex: http://www.78thstreetstudios.com/about. Maybe I'll go to another reunion in 5 years?

  5. Kissing boys from other schools under the bleachers...LOL. Glad you had a good time at the reunion.

  6. Thanks Terri! Nothing like a reunion to bring back memories :)

  7. I never had the pleasure of kissing boys under the bleachers. Sniff.

  8. There's still time. Take your husband and try it out!

  9. Nice piece of nostalgia, but the thought of reunions make me cringe.

  10. The idea makes me cringe too. I surprised myself by having a good time.