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Friday, August 15, 2014


A lot of people have written a lot of things about Robin Williams.  I don't know that I've heard the kinds of things I've wanted to hear though.  Of course the likelihood of that happening would increase if I'd actually pay more attention to my tv, but the sampling I've gotten has left me feeling... well, I'm not sure.  Unsatisfied.

Robin Williams was an important person in my life.  I know, he wasn't even aware of my existence beyond a statistic, but I watched Mork and Mindy when it was new, I watched all of his movies.  I cried during Good Will Hunting, a movie that I own 2 copies of just in case something happens to the first copy.  It's my favorite movie of all favorite movies.

I know we don't know celebrities the way their friends and families know them, but Robin gave us so much information about himself.  Just the fact that he had to act out so outrageously so much of the time tells us a lot about his unmet needs.  He told us about addiction and depression.  He was very honest with us, in the ways that he could be honest, and told us more by the roles he chose and how he acted them.

I am nothing like Robin Williams, I am a lot like him.

I feel like the tv people are all missing the boat when they talk about Robin's death.  A lot of people struggling with demons, and sometimes people lose the will or strength to keep fighting the battle.  Give them credit for fighting the good fight as long as they have.

I want the retrospective love fest of showing Robin's work.  It's a lot like going through old photos after a breakup or after someone we really know and love dies.  It's a process of letting go and remembering, and remembering that those moments are with us for life in our memories, but the voice in my head says I want them to really talk about depression and what it is, how it feels.  If the bulk of society can't understand that, then I don't feel understood either, and I suppose that is somewhere in Robin's last thoughts too.

A long-time friend of mine tried to commit suicide a number of times.  I don't blame her.  She's had more crap in her life than most people could imagine if they tried.  Not blaming doesn't mean that I want her to die though.  I want her to somehow find a way past her torment.  I want her happy.  I help in the ways that I can think to help, but I don't know the answers a lot of the time.

I've thought about suicide.  I think a lot of people have.  I haven't tried it, but I wanted off the planet in a very serious way.  If you really want the truth, the reason I didn't do it is because I was afraid crossing into the next life would be worse as a result.  Then the clouds part, good things start happening again, someone makes you laugh, and living starts feeling possible again.

I'm so sorry that Robin Williams couldn't get to a happy place again.  I'm so sorry he's gone and won't make me laugh or cry except in retrospectives.  RIP

I'm posting another "king" because I've got things to do and don't want to wait for the next IF prompt.  Please excuse me if I don't respond right away to comments because I'm planning on doing a lot of visiting and running around this week.  Maybe one good thing that comes from Robin's passing is lighting a fire under me to get out and do things?  I'm alive, I want happy moments.  Wishing the same for all of you!


  1. Beautifully said Linda. Everyone has crap in their life, I totally agree. Life gets unbearably hard sometimes. Depression however is so misunderstood and it sadly takes it's toll on too many people. Sometimes the bleak blackness wins and that is more than tragic. We can't fix people but we can talk and hold their hand when they can still sit upright and then lie down quietly by their side and be there when they have lost their strength. That is as much as we can do...just be there. The dark skies do part again, often at the most unexpected times, and we hope that the sun can shine through to warm their souls again. We must keep hope for those who can't. RIP Robin Williams, his laughter will continue. Take care of yourself and keep living those happy moments. Hugs xx

  2. Nicely said, Linda. I can honestly say that Robin Williams' death has affected me more than any other celebrities'. There was discussion on a bike forum I read (RW was an avid cyclist), and someone was imagining a group ride with him - all the crashing that would result from all the laughing - and that just sounded so fun!
    Many happy moments to you, Linda! Beautiful illustration - colored pencil?

  3. Am just hearing that RW was suffering from the early stages of Parkinson's Disease, which is biologically linked with depression by experts. Whatever the reason I think those of us that try to make people laugh and feel better will realize that at some points in time we all deal with a myriad of good and bad these days. Nice of you to expand on that thought Linda. And nice "fleurs" too!

  4. Thanks everybody! I wish the tv people had as much sensitivity. I'm wishing the best for RW's loved ones.

    Yes, the flowers are colored pencil, which took forever to do.

  5. I.F. has become a waste of time in my opinion. The prompts are slow and no one visits other art blogs anymore. But I still hook up occasionally to keep the art in my blog. Otherwise it would just be travel photos. I can relate to Robin William's suicide more now that I know he had Parkinsons. My dad died from that.

  6. I still enjoy IF, but I probably ought to do more visiting. Guess that just makes me appreciate your visits more? Thanks!

  7. Beautiful painting! A co-worker of mine's wife passed away of cancer, and 8 months later, his brother committed suicide. Such a dramatic difference between 2 extremely important people in his life - his wife fought to live, while his brother stopped fighting. Either way, a truly heartbreaking. My friend is stronger than anyone else I know. Hopefully the death of Robin Williams helps to make people pay closer attention to loved ones and the struggles they may be going through, & could be trying to hide.

  8. My deepest sympathies to your co-worker Mit! Nobody should have to deal with that much pain, especially right after each other. I share your hope that Robin's death will bring a positive to other people.

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