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Saturday, October 4, 2014


There's a sliver of time when night is over, but it isn't morning.  The plants are weighed down by dew and the wind is still.  The bats and frogs have eaten all the mosquitoes, the crickets and frogs have found their mates, and the night animals bed down for the day while the day animals still sleep.  Silence.

I like the in between times.  When evening starts, or before morning, or the twilight between waking and sleeping, or sleeping and waking.  Those are the slices of time for feeling instead of thinking.  When fairies are possible and our wishes are realities.  When we're alone with ourselves to feel the things that we really want instead of what the world wants us to want.

These can be the times of epiphanies.  We can remember our dreams, and our dreams make sense, before the day takes away our certainties.  All things are possible.

Those of you people who pop out of bed first thing in the morning, and start the coffee, check your emails, wash your windows, or whatever it is you do with the full energy of a night's rest are missing one of the best times of the day when you could be snuggling your partner or feeling the truth of your dreams.

Morning people are self-righteous about how they get the day going and how the rest of us are lazy slugs.  It's no wonder I've wanted to throttle some of them.  I almost came to physical violence when my college roommate threw open the windows in the middle of winter to air the place out.  I think it counts as justifiable homicide when my peaceful slumbers are disturbed by snow falling on my face.

Some people hate silence, and fill it with music, and activity, and chatter.  Maybe I'm the only one who enjoys it when the power goes out.  The refrigerator stops humming, and other stuff I've learned to tune out shuts off too.  It's so quiet.  Peaceful.  Healing.

I used to lay in bed and feel the wonder of my body.  Red blood cells going one way, white blood cells going another, the thump of my heart pushing them along, my breath pulling in oxygen... breathe in healing, breathe out stress...

And then the day starts.  The dog needs out and her bowls filled.  There's stuff to do, people to see, problems to solve.  Bosses are too often extraverted morning people who think everybody else should be just like them.  People who open windows in winter, and to hell with whoever isn't keeping up with their program.

It takes all types.  The world needs the dreamers, and this dreamer needs to sleep in the silence just before morning.


  1. What lovely points you bring up here, Linda. I treasure the "in between" times, times to quietly ponder, observe, meditate, when inspiration is allowed to find us. Wonderful chalkboard effect, soft blues and gray are perfect choices to illustrate "silence."

  2. I can hear your silence. ..If that's possible Linda. It is a very powerful force. Your illustration and words are perfect x

  3. I can so relate, not being a morning person either. (Out of town getaways being the exception!) I really value those minutes before the moving sidewalk of my life takes over and hustles me forward. It's really the only time when I feel like I'm living my own life, instead of life having its way with me. My epiphanies come then, as well as the 3-4-5ams when I can't sleep at all and some angel wants to whisper Truths in my ear. And oh, do I love when the refrigerator clicks off with a power outage...I feel like I've suddenly gotten a piece of my Soul back somehow. Great post, my dear.

  4. I make exceptions for out of town getaways too. Thanks for the comments!

  5. I do like the moments in bed just waking up. (Though less if the alarm caused the waking.) At work they know not to talk to me until I get some coffee in me. Super cheery super morning go-getters are not my people, either. :)

  6. I'm definitely a windows closed in winter kind of gal!

  7. I don't mind silence. I do enjoy when people stop talking.

  8. You're singing my song! Wonderfully written.
    I get my day going early only because there are so many things that I'd like to do. With children in the house, those things are best done before they come home; hence, the hit the ground running morning. Otherwise, I'd wake up to silence - regardless of the time.
    I've missed blogging during the summer and September; especially reading your deep and thoughtful posts. It's good to be back.

  9. Thanks everybody! Sorry for the delay in responding, but if you see my latest post I was in Chicago this week. Didn't mention that technology mostly failed me during the trip. Glad to see I'm not the only one who enjoys silence and closed windows in winter. Glad to see you back Anita!