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Sunday, June 18, 2017


The thing I like about Illustration Friday's words for the week is that they prompt me to think about things in ways I wouldn't bother thinking about otherwise.  Random thoughts like "two is a pair, and three is a set" pop into my mind.  I think about being three years old.  My first brother was born, and I started running away from home to explore my world.  But mostly, I am the third and last girl in a large family.

My mind feels like a wheel stuck in rut once I arrive at the importance of three -- but I don't know what I want to say about being the third girl of a set.  I think about running and playing games with my sisters.  I think about how hard I tried to keep up with the things their older bodies and brains could do.  I remember special moments and torments.  There is simply too many sister associations to consolidate all of it into one neatly typed blog post.

I'm the one on the right who needed a boost to keep up
We're alike.  We're different.  There were times when we were tightly packed into the backseat of the car, or a bed, or a bathtub, or in a writhing mass of arms and legs rastling on the floor.  Everything in my life was explored and used before I had a chance at it.  I learned from their successes and mistakes.  We played, we fought.  Sometimes we bled.  I often envied only children.  I feel blessed to have sisters.

I'm writing this on Sunday, and I've been thinking about being the third girl of the set since I saw the word for the week on Friday, feeling like everything I think and feel on the subject is too personal, or too ingrained, for me to recognize or share, yet also feeling my internal reluctance and difficulty is part of the point of the exercise.  Personal growth and creativity are results we gain from pushing past our comfort and resistance.

My oldest sister made her annual trek to Ohio this weekend.  I was very glad to see her.  Should I talk about sitting around the picnic table talking about menopause?  See, it gets pretty invasive, but an older sister is a window to understanding my body, my thoughts, my feelings, and my future in ways only kids don't get.

Sis1 had a health scare this year.  Thankfully, everything seems fine now, but I've been thinking of her a lot as a result... and then my mind goes into a galaxy of swirling thoughts and memories which seem so personal and important and trivial while chastising myself about taking too much for granted.  We can't count on people always being there when we think of them as absolutes in our existence.  Value them while they're here.

I feel a bit out of sync with the world to write about sisters on Father's Day, but the same point hold true with dads too.  If your dad is alive, I hope you have a spectacular relationship together and that you let him know you love him.  If it's too late for that, I hope you have great memories.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads!


  1. I like 3s in my artwork Linda..things looked balanced! What fun to have sisters...I just have an older bro but great memories too. I think we are all becoming aware of our mortality as the decades tick by and I so agree ....enjoy the moment and make those memories xx

  2. I thought about visual 3s, but I kept thinking about my sisters instead. Hug your brother and be happy!

  3. Very nice, Linda, and cute photo. I don't have any sisters and have often wondered what one (or two or...) would be like. If nothing else, someone related to discuss menopause with? Glad your sis is doing well healthwise.
    Sweet illustration too, I need to get back on the illustration Friday train!

  4. Thanks! Remember, even if you didn't get sisters from your parents, sometimes friends can be sister-like. Brothers are also great, but I don't think they want to discuss menopause :)

  5. That's funny. I was just in a trio, me and my two cousins, talking about menopause yesterday. Ugh. But it helps to commiserate.

  6. I agree with you. We should cherish and maintain relationship with those who are or used to be close to us, such as sister or fathers. We do need to value those we care about while they are still here. Three is often considered a lucky number, is't it. :-)