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Saturday, June 23, 2018

"Squirrel 2"

I took a trip to Pennsylvania this week.  I won't mislead you, getting to PA isn't far on a well-maintained freeway; it's just far enough away to feel like I did something out the ordinary.  A friend got a new car and we christened it with a day trip to Presque Isle (which is actually a peninsula).  I don't recall seeing any squirrels, but "squirrel" was last week's word without a sign of a new one.

I tried to take photos of Baltimore orioles while I was there.  I was mostly unsuccessful since they're quick and camera shy.  No problem at all to walk up to Canada geese though, even with juveniles.  They're everywhere.  It's hard to believe they were an endangered species 100 years ago.

I'm pretty sure the world knows about the recent US treatment of immigrant children.  It's heart-breaking and a disgrace.  Of course this only applies to brown or black children as far as I know.  I find it so upsetting, especially since Trump goes out of his way to insult US allies and befriend dictators.  I hope there is a significant change in leadership in the next election and nobody blows up the world.  I miss Obama.

Ohio is a bellwether state, and I live in a bellwether area of it.  Racism exists, it's stupid to think otherwise, but people generally get along.  I haven't heard overt racism for a long time -- until lately.  Now I hear it more than I can bear.  I had a week of migraines after a woman I know well vented a racist tirade at me.  She's gone from "liberal" to supporting Trump and the Republican party.  I'm shocked and horrified.  Whatever talking heads on tv say about American voters, I suspect they're underestimating the liberation racists feel under this regime.  Be warned.  Get active.

I've been struggling with an existential crisis lately.  Are people good or evil?  I'm seeing too much horrible behavior and it's making my head explode.  I suspect I'd be happier if I quit watching the news, but I can't help myself.  The insanity is gripping because it's planned that way.  The reality tv star is just producing in a different show which he goes to great pains to keep interesting.

Let's change the tone of my lamentations.  Since I live near an international border, I see foreigners all the time.  I used to joke that Canada is our best state, but for some reason Canadians took offense.  Hey!  I'm giving you a compliment!  I said "best"!  I want health care and a smart, handsome, and sane leader.  Canada is beautiful and I really enjoy being around pleasant, polite people.

However, since the current US leader is waging a war on the borders, I suppose there's some sense in insulting Trudeau?  Watch this video about Cleveland BorderControl here.

The painting is a tidbit of my current art therapy project.  Can you identify the tools?  If you can, you're showing your age!  But I'm not judging.  These are things I know how to use and keep squirreled away.

And explain to me this... Why after bothering to drive to another state, why did my friend and I eat lunch at Applebee's?!


  1. Always beaut seeing what goes on in your world. I guess it's kind of a reflection of what goes on in your head - but in a good way. Head as filter ;) So squirrels are out? What's next ? ;) !

  2. When I was driving around with my friend, he said that everything we were looking at was ordinary, not worth blogging about. I told him that I like looking at other people's regular lives so maybe they'd like to look at our ordinary. I don't know what's next, but I'm hoping for inspirational or interesting!

  3. Summer road trips are the best. Summer is the best for that matter. This morning, I had raspberries from our yard and later, I'm making a cherry pie from foraged tart cherries. At least food is something everyone can agree on.

  4. I wish I could come over for the pie! That's one of my absolute favorites. I was thinking of you when I took the bird photos. I know they don't compare to yours :)

  5. Are people good or are they evil? I think we all have both in us. What manifests is a matter of our environment and the culture we live in. Evil begets evil. Good begets good. We can only hope the latter will expands its influence, although it does look kind of black these days...

  6. You're probably right about good/evil. I just wish I knew which side of things is bigger. I'll do my best to spread some good around.

  7. The question whether people are good or evil begs looking at what results from adopting one of these views. When people are evil, we put in place a system that is based on an absence of trust and is disciplining. If we adopt a philosophy that people are good, we set up a society that is based on trust. Or look at it judicially. When we adopt the evil view, somebody is evil unless proven the opposite. Vice versa, somebody is innocent unless proven guilty. I know in which society I prefer to life; it is the society that adopts a positive view on our human nature.