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Friday, May 28, 2010


My first reaction to IF's word of the week was regret that I had already used my Medusa picture a couple of weeks ago. Unnecessarily too, because I put a second posting up that week just for fun. But the more I thought of it, this week will have a lot of snake contributions, and I like being different. So, here's a piece I did simply for the joy of it. I took buckets of old paint I had used for projects around the house, and experimented ala Jackson Pollock, throwing and dribbling paint in an exuberant trance state. I think the strands of paint look like they slither around on the canvas -- even more so in reality because the paint is rather thick and 3-D like snakes.

This was fun to do, and it's big. So big, I cut it up into smaller paintings and used the smallest pieces for greeting cards. This part is about 36" x 24". My dog walked through part of the painting and across the floor, so this painting created a permanent addition to my basement floor.


  1. I like your Jackson Pollack very much and enjoyed going back to see some other things; your canoe in the mist is wonderful.

  2. this is a lovely piece! you must have had so much fun doing it =)

  3. Lovely! I wish I could see it 3D - it must look fab! I do like your blog - so thoughtful and beautiful :)

  4. Thanks! This was a fun piece. I didn't take it very seriously, but hung it up in my dining room for color. I was surprised that other people enjoyed it. Maybe my fun came through with it?

  5. Heh, well there's lots to explore - blue poles which resides in our national gallery came to mind. But be careful - you know what happened to Pollock.

    I love how you annotate your work with text.

    see you

  6. So spontaneous ... and what a GREAT concept!