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Saturday, January 24, 2015


I was walking back to my car today after yet another funeral when I saw a decal on the back window of a pickup truck, "Girls like big racks too!".  Yup, that just about sums it up for Earl's funeral -- and where is your mind?!  There was a picture of deer antlers on that decal.  I'm pretty sure this is the first funeral I've been to with antler decor, but it was apropos. 

Earl was big on poaching, hunting, fishing, camping, etc.  Earl's son, my nephew, gave a heart-felt talk at the funeral and said he would see his father in the water of the river when he fishes and feel him in the breeze when he's in the woods.

My secluded childhood neighborhood in the woods didn't provide many neighbors.  When Sis married Earl it was like she married our step-brother, especially since the Glen is an inbred place where everyone is related in one way or another.  An old lady told me how the Hendershots are related to the Huggs to the Mortons... but all roads lead to the Noonans like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon -- who is probably related to the Noonans too.

The word of the week, "Passion", caused me to journal angry thoughts about Earl.  Happy memories would force their way into my thoughts and I'd get pissed off all over again that he was messing with my clear-cut, justifiable anger, but I suppose things aren't simple when we're talking a lifetime of memories?  My moments of grief made me even more pissed off when thinking of his sudden heart attack this week at age 59.

I hate funerals, and despite my vow that I wouldn't go to any more, it seems like I've been to a lot of them lately.  This one seemed to do what funerals are supposed to do though, it helped me feel more at peace.  I hugged my nephews and caught up with people who live in my heart's memory.

I'd rather remember stuff like parties, picnics, serious talks about fishing, the halo of sunlight on Earl's red head as he played with his laughing red-headed boys in the river.  Or how he tried charming Grandma and Dad, who both looked formidable despite Earl's best efforts until he got them laughing and they had to remember to look formidable.

I want to sort people in clear slots in my mind.  Good/bad.  There's a complexity that defies classification when you've known someone always, and another loss when I realize that another piece of my childhood, my life, is dead.

I feel for my nephews.  Earl loved them, and it's hard to lose a parent.  I think he loved Sis too, despite their divorce.  I'm wishing all of you the good memories in the light of antler lamps.

It's been a hard week in more ways than one, and then I got something in the mail that made me smile and feel grateful.  Dosanko Debbie sent me a lovely New Year's piece of art that lifted my heart at a time I really needed it lifted.  I just love the jar full of little sheep!  Totally adorable, and I'm going to frame it to celebrate this ovine year of the Chinese calendar.  Even the envelope is beautiful.  Check out her website here.  Each of her paintings is a truth of life and quite a gem.  THANK YOU!!!


  1. I'm soooo glad that the New Years Sheep etegami cheered you up a bit. I hope lots of warm and fluffy things happen for you in 2015. oxox

    1. Wishing you warm and fluffy things this year too Debbie! Thanks again :)

  2. Passion comes in many forms, I'm sorry it's been so much of the sad kind lately. But it was nice to get to end the post with an upward turn - the drawing is indeed lovely :)

  3. Thanks Nancy! Here's to hoping that things keeping moving upward! I hope you have a happy sheep year.

  4. I'm glad it was a good funeral. The snapshots are really beautiful--and poignant. Beauty, sorrow, goodness and badness are all so tangled together in our lives. I hope you have a good week!

  5. Nice words in light of Earl's passing. I like what your nephew said too, very touching. 59 is young!
    Time to let the sheep out - I love it! So cute. Happy 2015.

  6. So sorry to hear about the funerals. I have been very lucky this far, but the way time is passing I am sure some are coming. [I don't know if this is relevant but I read some Pema Chodron {Buddhist nun} and she asks - If death is certain, but the time of death is not certain, what is the most important thing you can do? And things like your post keep reminding me of it.]

    The jar of sheep from Debbie is TOO CUTE.

  7. Thanks everybody for the kind words. I really hope I'm done with funerals for a long time, and none of you have to deal with them either! I like the quote from the Buddhist nun Cindy. May we all live our lives that way.

  8. That is indeed a short life for this day and age Linda. RIP Earl. I really hope that is the last funeral for you for a long while..sadly though life changes so very quickly. Keep moving forward and keep those memories positive xx

  9. Good grief. I'm sorry to hear that. We all have people in our lives that we have that love/hate relationship with. I hope that with all this loss some new people or animals (my favorite) friends will come along.

  10. I'm trying to keep positive. I like the idea that new friends might come along. (I'm committed to a 1-dog relationship right now.) Thanks!

  11. I like your image. I'm wondering what my creative image of passion would be?

    I'm sorry that Earl passed away at such a young age, and for his sons and for others who loved and cared about him. The pictures you posted bring back memories of past decades. :) The first shot looks like it could be for a promotion of a TV show or something.