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Friday, January 16, 2015


Does Play Doh count as a toy?  I love the smell and the cool feeling of the stuff.  Something I love quite a bit less is Sculpey or Fimo clay, but that has the benefit of hardening in the oven.  It doesn't smell nearly as good though, raw or cooked.

One of my coworkers has been clearing out a house lately, and she's been bringing me presents every day.  Amongst the many interesting things that she's brought me is Fimo clay, and like the child that I am, I've spent my evenings making completely useless items with oven-hardened permanence.

There's a little sadness behind the house cleaning.  The adult daughter, got cancer and died.  A couple of years later, her mom got another kind of cancer and died.  No more family, the friendly neighbor inherited, and the house full of stuff is getting cleared out by my coworker -- and I get Christmas every day in January.  Woo hoo!  I'd like to think the daughter is happy her things are going to a kindred spirit instead of to the dump.

I haven't been in the house, but there's a castle room where medals from Pennsic wars tell a silent story of medieval wars in Pennsylvania hosted by the Society of Creative Anachronisms.  I'm told the proper way to display those medals are in cleavage.  I passed the medals on to someone with more ample cleavage and actual Renaissance costumes.

I've gotten a turtle quilt, necklace, and coffee cup, a smiley cup, giant sketch pad, a pointy silver thing that I was told to use on my voodoo dolls... Just to be clear, I don't actually have voodoo dolls, but my need to vent frustrations is obviously apparent.  I may have made stabbing motions after a meeting recently.

In any case, I have some new toys, and tv time to play with them.  I made feathers.  I made an atom, a flower... who knows what else will get oven-hardened next?

I'm a bit frustrated with my atom.  I wrote recently about my bag of copper wire that's begging for an art project.  My brother whipped out a tree, and I suppressed some 3D jealousy.  The best I can say for my wire projects is that I embedded wire into my atom parts so the electron bee has a stinger and antennae and all the atom parts have copper loops to hang them.  What I really wanted was wire circles for them all to rotate around and jiggle, but I was foiled by my lack of technical expertise to make this all work.  Now I'm intimidated by my greater goal to make a copper wire mobile, perhaps with Sculpey adornments and counter weights.

He who taught me about atoms might argue with me about my atom interpretation.  The parts all have names of people who play those kinds of roles in real life.  I figure the feathers are illustration in another form because I just painted with clay instead of paint.

What kind of toys do you play with?


  1. Your explanation of the universe may be just as valid as 'he who explained atoms' answers.

  2. mmmm Play Doh, that takes me back Linda. I have started looking at it again in the shops as I can use Daisy Jane as an excuse to play with it again some day soon ;0) Enjoy your new toys it's a fun way of creating. Happy weekend!

    1. You have so many fun projects to look forward to with Daisy! I'll look forward to seeing her creative progress. I hope you have a great weekend too!

  3. The feathers are so graceful and beautiful hanging by your window. I'm tickled that you got something to pair with that wire, and I do hope that you make that copper and Sculpey mobile. I hope you make several! Heck, why not a dozen? (I think I'm projecting a not quite suppressed urge to make some mobiles myself.)

  4. Great way to start the year. Play on, Linda!

  5. I've learned that if you leave Sculpey in the oven past time it will eventually turn black. Not sure how that fits into my mobile ideas. You should make mobiles too Melissa. There can never be enough of them in the world, right? Thanks for the comments!

  6. I have a roomful of Disney memorabilia in my house. I don't play with it, though. No one may touch it. It's for display only.

  7. Before the last of my girls entered her teens, I was known to play with some of their stuff. Coloring in a "coloring book" was especially satisfying. Helping them with their 3D school projects was fun, too. I used to make all sorts of suggestions to them like cutting a small portion of a grocery bag and rolling it to make the trunk of a tree. Then we stuffed green gift tissue at the top for the foliage. Toothpicks were small branches.

    Just a couple days ago, I put off giving away the 2 scooters we have; another of their/my toys.

    How nice that you're the recipient of the artsy stuff. You and your brother have made fun and pleasing things.

    Happy New Year, Linda!

  8. I love hearing about all the ways moms play with their kids, especially when it's creative. Good for you and your girls Anita! See Josh, you should play with your toys :)

  9. I really love your electron bee!! :) Great creative play for the new year.