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Saturday, February 7, 2015


In a too small house with too many kids, my childhood was very noisy.  Fights over the bathroom, sisters' boundaries, parents shouting about chores, or whatever, I wanted them all to shut up.  Sometimes I wonder if my current hearing problems are because I shut them out too effectively.

It wasn't until I had my own place that I confronted silence.  I loved it -- for a few hours.  Then I couldn't stand it.  I turned on the tv first thing every morning and let it run all day.  It didn't matter if I actually sat down to watch it, I needed background noise. 

I was thinking about this while driving around in a world full of crazy drivers.  People on the radio talked about computer hacking, cheating, and lying to spouses about Nordstrom purchases.  It didn't occur to me to turn it off or switch the station until they threatened to inform me about buying and selling houses.  Quiet!!

When there's constant noise, we don't have to think our own thoughts, which is just as well because people are hard-wired towards discontent.  Or maybe I'm just wired that way.  If we're happy all the time then there's no reason to push ourselves to do anything different than what we're currently doing.  No progress, no growth, no creativity.

We build noise into our lives so we don't have to think about that because achieving stuff involves effort, and gee it's so much easier to lay on the couch and eat Tostitos.

I used to be good at quieting down and thinking about stuff.  Now it seems like all I do is obsessively think about my irritations.  I don't think that's going to get me anywhere good -- or maybe that's exactly what it takes to kick me off the couch and make my life better than it currently is?

The world isn't just out there to do things to us that creates situations we have to react to; we create our corner of the world.  If we spend all our time thinking about how we don't have enough money, then there will never be enough of it.  If we don't feel loved, then we aren't going to attract love.

Pick a topic, the same dynamic will still be true.  I'm thinking especially about someone I've dubbed "A2" who annoys me.  I expect him to annoy me, therefore he continues to do it.  I've played a part in this, and if I quiet myself enough to think about it all more consciously, just perhaps I can change the dynamic?  (Though I resent the fact that I have to be the grownup in this and other situations!)

Our thoughts create a constant chatter of noise in our minds and it's like the tv which is always on, but we aren't paying attention when our minds are impregnated with the desire to buy whitening toothpaste.  Our thoughts can run in endless loops of stuff that we fear instead of creating what we want.

I'm resolving to put more effort into turning off the noise and meditating.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. It is fact that we are hard wired to think negatively Linda as it is an ancient system to keep us safe when we lived in caves and could be eaten at any time! In modern times this is not a necessity but a lot of people still get caught in that thought loop. Luckily our brains are not hard wired and can be changed and trained....what a wonderful choice that is. Keep creating and thinking creative thoughts but also enjoy some pure silence at times. Happy Valentine's day to you too..sending love your way ;0) x

    1. Love to you too Jane! I'll work on getting my mind out of the cave mentality :)

  2. I find that I NEED quiet time. I notice it when I'm not getting enough - constant chatter and noise drive me up a wall. But then, like you, my mind often fills the void. Let's all resolve to be empty headed!

  3. Maybe it's all about that right balance. Maybe the negativity has something important to show us but we are more likely to figure it out when we get quiet and let go of it? The quiet place is rich with buried treasure but also triggers a certain kind of anxiety.

  4. Maybe it's all about that right balance. Maybe the negativity has something important to show us but we are more likely to figure it out when we get quiet and let go of it? The quiet place is rich with buried treasure but also triggers a certain kind of anxiety.

  5. Excellent way to put it! I wish I could get my quiet time on a tropical island right about now though :) I'll work on all this while watching the snow fall and hoping for spring!

  6. Oh gosh. I sure wish I could turn my neurotic brain thoughts off. If they had sound they would be like Scarlet Macaws squawking. Or maybe cicadas like my last post!

  7. A year ago I let go of my TV. It was such a distraction, and I now find I have PLENTY to keep me busy and moving toward my true aspirations. I believe TV was invented to keep the masses from thinking too much!

  8. I have to agree with you Mardi, and now that I'm thinking of my thoughts like cicadas, have to agree with you too Sharon :) Thanks for the comments!

  9. I find that I do my artwork with either music or TV/video on in the background, and am constantly linked to my phone. It can be exhausting to be bombarded by media all the time, but a hard habit to break! I see it even more in my high school students! I wonder if we are rewiring our brains in some way.

  10. I don't know if we're rewiring our brains, but I definitely think kids are a lot more stressed from all of this distraction.