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Saturday, February 21, 2015


I think "Metropolis" is Cleveland, Ohio.  Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman's creators, were from Cleveland so what other model would they use for the fictional city in DC Comics?  We're going to get statue of Superman by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame soon so I think that makes it official.  Just ignore those people who refer to NYC and Toronto as the Metropolis model.  They're just jealous.

I don't actually live in the city and hardly ever go there.  I live in the next county over, but I drive past the city sometimes, and sometimes avail myself of the cultural ops there.  I hear they have sports teams too, but I can't be bothered with that kind of thing other than being kind of pleased that LeBron James moved back home.  Okay technically he's from Akron, but close enough.  I include Akron in my world.

I find I have next to nothing else to say about cities.  I'm a country girl after all.  If I had my way I think I'd live in the woods with my dog and look at the night sky without street lights obscuring the stars while crickets and frogs sing me to sleep every night.

I used to work in the city though, and strangely enough enjoyed it.  First in Playhouse Square and later a block from the epicenter of the city by Terminal Tower.  There is an energy to the city when all the professionals run around at lunchtime or frequent the bars, restaurants, and festivals when they get out of work.

I loved working with creative people, and sometimes I got fun jobs.  One of those was driving around the city and taking photos of local landmarks.  I used the photos as reference for b/w drawings which I mounted on foam core for Sherwin-Williams' Christmas tree.  I think I got paid $30 each.

Imagine my surprise when my drawing for Cleveland Playhouse became their logo.  I suppose it's fair to say that SW paid me so they could give my art to anybody they wanted, but I felt stung.  $30 is insufficient for logo design, and both SW and the Playhouse have enough money that they could've given me a bonus and credit.  I've been grumbling about this for a long time.  I checked their website and they seem to have changed their logo again so I guess I should give up my grumbling.

Nothing lasts forever, not even a logo, but it is the main image for a company or organization.  They should treat it as an important part of the face they present to the world, and by extension, value the person who designs it for them.  Value = $ in my mind.  Of course I might be a bit biased about this since designing logos was my bread and butter during especially lean times.

At some point I embraced all of "corporate identities" into my portfolio.  I can write awesome manuals showing how to keep a consistent, selling image.  I don't know why other people don't get excited about them.  I include diagrams and other visuals.

Anyway, the life of an artist often has some side routes.  I suppose that helps keep us interesting?  Or more accurately, keeps us from actually starving?


  1. What a cool logo you designed Linda but wow how cheaply they got it. I'm a city girl but I do love living in the suburbs..the best of both worlds in my books. You certainly have lived life to the full, even in the lean times! X

  2. Side routes can make life interesting, but not the kind that leads to 30 $ for a logo. Shame on Sherwin-Williams! On a different note I didn't know that Superman came from Cleveland.

  3. Ouch. I can imagine your shock and the sting when you recognized your work where you didn't put it. (It's happened to me twice with my charm designs getting stolen by Chinese factories). That's interesting about Metropolis. I need to tell my son.

  4. I suppose wishing that artists always get paid enough to live on and always get fair treatment is a fantasy. Live and learn I guess? Thanks for the comments!

  5. I grew up outside of a town of 500. Tops. Now I live in Minneapolis. I love it. But value our country getaways. Gosh, it is so hard to get paid a fair price for our art. That's for sure.

  6. At least we get to look at your getaways in your pictures Sharon. Maybe if people paid more for art we could both get more of those getaways?

  7. GREAT logo!!! I'm sorry you didn't get paid what it is worth, though! Seems like people just love screwing over artists, and now in the internet age, I think that is going to happen more and more frequently. Sigh.

    I'm a girl from the suburbs, and wouldn't have it any other way. Close enough to enjoy both Boston & Providence, but far enough from the traffic. Unfortunately real estate prices reflect the convenience. Will be moving to east-bum CT after my wedding this year, and am not thrilled about being in the middle of nowhere, but you sure can buy a lot of house for a little money! ;)

  8. Maybe you'll find that you like living in the country Mit? If not, I'm sure you have a car and a phone to keep in touch with the people you want to see and talk with. Congrats on your wedding plans!!

  9. Very interesting.....and you should have been paid and acknowledged!

  10. Very interesting.....and you should have been paid and acknowledged!