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Saturday, April 16, 2016


Last week I told you about fixing a door in my house.  I was feeling pretty pleased with myself.  I don't think anyone will notice that it was ever mutilated by Dalmatian toes.  It took a lot of effort to prime and paint the door.  I leaned back and admired my efforts... and noticed that the ceiling looked awfully dingy next to my stark white door.

I hemmed and hawed most of the week about not wanting to get into more projects because I have a new canvas I really want to paint... but that dingy ceiling interfered with my happiness.  Plus, this is the room where I painted the floor last summer and I might have been a bit too enthusiastic and splashed colors on the walls.  I'd just repaint the walls, but if I were to do that, I'd have to do the ceiling first...

My house is a currently a mess again.  I had it clean for about a day, but now stuff is spread all over again.  My goal is to get it all finished this weekend and have a normal house again by Monday, but the weather is finally wonderful and the grass needs cut, there's a concert in Cleveland...

And yet, the woodwork in my nearly 100 yr. old house has been dinged through the years, and fixing the woodwork feels connected to my internal being.  It feels essential.

I've done a lot a lot a lot of thinking in the last year.  That was my intention when I decided to paint the floor.  I wanted a long, involved project that would encourage thoughts and meditation.  I've done a lot of reading, studying, and reviewing my life and relationships.  I came to understand that I put up with too much from some people and situations, and putting up with dinged woodwork has become symbolic.  It's time my outer environment matches my enhanced inner world.

Very little of the damage to the woodwork was my fault.  People moved in and out, and none were careful enough in the process.  They didn't care about my house or feelings.  When I see a chunk gouged out of a door frame I think "You selfish bastard!  You didn't deserve my love, care, shelter _____ (fill in the blank).  Or, "I deserve better!"

I could continue ignoring these things like I have for a long time, but every so often I'll notice damage and feel something between irritation, depression, and anger.  It's a constant reminder of negatives.  When the woodwork is repaired to the best of my ability it will be a reminder that I control my life, and the next phase will be better.  I've learned things to make that happen.

I often write messages that we control our lives and can improve our lives.  It takes effort.  The effort is worth it.

My dad took a humanities class at a community college when I was a kid.  He carved this sculpture for an assignment to represent his "inner self".  I wish I'd asked what he was thinking when he did it.  He smiled with satisfaction and an inner conversation when he looked at it.  Maybe that is the ultimate goal for everything in our lives?

I thought you'd rather look at his artistry this week instead of wood mouldings and flat green walls :)


  1. What a beautiful carving your Dad made Linda and I'm glad you still have it and can feel his inner peace too. I like the sound of putting the woodwork right in your house but if the sun is shining get out and enjoy it...inside jobs are for rainy days ;0) x

    1. The dining room is painted and I did get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend too. There's more woodwork for rainy days :) I hope you had a great weekend too!

  2. Woodwork in old houses run a fine line between "vintage" and "beat up". I love how you notice the symbolism :)
    Your dad's carving is wonderful, I'm curious as to what he was thinking too!

  3. Thanks! I'm at least noticing my surroundings more than I used to. This was Dad's only abstract piece. He kept carving, but he liked to do animals.

  4. Your dad carved an interesting piece. I wish my surroundings reflected me. Wood is very dominate in my dream home. I've always admired its beauty.

  5. I used to love watching Dad carve. I'm sure you can find a way to make your home reflect more of your ideas of your dream house. I grew up in a wood house and dreamed of wallpaper :)

  6. You father's wood carving is a landscape - maybe a landscape of his soul. But, yes, it's good to balance the inside and the outside, even if it means adding working and cleaning up things in life.Good luck with fixing your house!

  7. Thanks Otto! I like the thought that the carving is a landscape. I had thought of it as being connected to the river somehow.