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Saturday, July 25, 2015


Get your kids muddy and let them discover lady bugs.  "Nature" is meant to be experienced and loved, not simply watched on cable tv.  This is clearly obvious to me, but just as obviously isn't being lived by enough people.

When I was little, I lived outside most of the day.  Watching morning sunlight sparkle the dew on opening flowers was magical.  I listened to the rustling ripples of the river sliding into the day amid the first bird calls.  I smelled the damp earth and the green of grass.  I felt the soft fuzz of a bumblebee walking on my leg.

We've separated ourselves from what matters.  Children are programmed from dawn to dusk, and adults scuttle about their business in climate controlled homes, cars, and offices without time to touch flowers and stop to listen to the crickets and frogs.

We make other experiences, which in our human vanity we think are more stupendous than anything "natural".  Louis XIV wanted square trees at Versailles to show man had conquered nature -- which is another way of saying that man had conquered God.  If you're rich enough, you don't have to be exposed to nature.  Nature is available to everyone, so it can't be special enough if you can afford to get out of it.

We're animals.  We live, we die, and no amount of insulation is going to prevent it.  We even embalm our dead to stave off that reality instead of letting our bodies fertilize trees.  If you spend time outside you can experience the logic and peace of it all.

All this rushing around that we do, does any of it matter?  In a 100 years, will anyone care if you won a video game, typed a great report, gave a presentation, or painted something cute?  For a very few of us, the answer might be yes.  For the rest of us, no.

Human vanity causes mountains to be pulverized for profit even though we all know "you can't take it with you".  I know a guy who won't open his windows on a nice day because a bug might find a way inside.  "You have screens on the windows to prevent that!"  Doesn't matter.  He won't run the risk of nature touching him in any form.  I have to wonder if any of our current mass shooters spent enough time outdoors.

I came home from work the other day pissed off.  My brother said, "Maybe you need a walk in the woods?"  Yeah, probably -- but I'm pissed and walking in the woods will make me feel better.  I'm angry.  I want blood!  We took a walk.  I raged for about 1/10 of a mile and got distracted by cattails, chipmunks, cute dog, cute guy, birds over a pond...

I came home and painted my floor at an average rate of 4 leaves/hr plus a leg cramp.  Since there are hundreds of leaves, this project will take 4 lifetimes, but maybe at the end there will be something that survives me in 100 years.  Maybe I'll achieve a higher peace in the meantime?  But one thing I know for sure is that in 100 years I'd rather be fertilizer for a tree that holds a bird nest than to be remembered for pulverizing a mountain.

Go outside.  It helps set your priorities straight and makes you live better and longer.


  1. I totally agree Linda and our little Daisy Jane is never happier than when she is outside. As they live near the sea she also loves running free across the beach. I'm glad your walk help to calm the inner turmoil. Enjoy the peace of your painting. ...art soothes the soul. Hugs xx

    1. Daisy is a lucky child and I hope she grows up appreciating how lucky she is. I wish all kids enjoyed the love of their families and got to run on the beach!

  2. It's so important to just "get out"! I'm sure you and I would've been good buddies if we'd grown up together.

    Wonderful illustration, it looks like a photo!

    1. Thanks! I think you're right, we would've been best pals if we grew up together :)

  3. Amen to this, Linda. I think, "Get your kids muddy." would make a great bumpersticker. :-)
    (Oh, and your comment troll still isn't letting me comment as my Wordpress Account: susansorrellhill. Dang.)

  4. Why oh why don't my comments work right?! I can't see anything wrong with the set up unless Blogspot is simply prejudiced against Wordpress. Sometimes I have problems the other way around too and have a hard time leaving comments. I'm liking the bumper sticker idea. Thanks!

  5. Our neighbors have never opened a window. They just run their air twenty- four- seven. And usually don't even open their blinds. I can't imagine living that way. I love the outside!

  6. I suppose the plus of people like this is that they need paintings of nature? :)

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