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Saturday, January 21, 2017


My dreams have been busy lately.  Awake or asleep, My thoughts swirl around people I know and have known.  I yelled at a man 20 or 30 years ago, "Stupid, and damned proud of it!"  He laughed and cracked open another beer.  Apply his ways to my conundrums on a personal or national level, and it explains a lot, which isn't to say I like reality.

I overheard a couple of climate change deniers discussing their concerns about whether or not fruit trees will be confused by the weather which is in the 60s F in mid-January.  These women understand trees could bloom, and that winter may return and freeze the blossoms, but they don't believe human activities are a factor, even though they agree January has never been this warm.  They're only going to admit to a problem when apple prices go up, but really, not even then.  They never admit they were wrong.

Another woman said, "A lot of scientists say climate change isn't real."  I emailed her the NASA website which disproves that statement (without my personal commentary).  She said I should look at other "news" to get the other side of things and gave me a newspaper with an article trashing Joe Biden, none of which was true or current.

I feel like Michelle Obama at the 2017 inauguration and hoping that US democracy isn't swirling down the drain.

I do in fact read what the opposition has to say, and it worries me about a lot of things, but I'm also trying to feel optimistic that the structure of the US is strong enough to withstand its current challenges.  We've had some terrible presidents before and survived.  Well, some people survived.  A lot of people didn't.  But hey, I'm trying to be optimistic.  I'm even trying to get my head around the inevitable Pence presidency as if it isn't a calamity.  At least he isn't pathological (I hope).

This troll has been in my mind for the last year.  It may not be my most charitable creative effort, but it just had to exist.  I'm not talking about the model for it because he just gets stronger every time his name is mentioned like clapping for fairies in Peter Pan.

Enough of my political angst.  One of the reasons I started thinking of the beer drinker was as a character in my slightly dusted off novel.  I actually have a lot written, but only a small part is actually worth much.  It occurred to me that I need an actual plot and found this article helpful.  I've spent some days pondering about the goal of my story and how I'm going to get there.  My plot isn't entirely filled in, but I have made progress.

I've also thought a lot about why I stopped writing this novel.  My lack of plot made me feel adrift and I couldn't get centered.  I talked about this with someone who made a series of personal criticisms of me and my writing, which I consciously rejected, but which undermined my subconscious motivation.  I'm going to avoid people like that.

It's going to take a long time before I have something to show on this project, but I've made a commitment to myself to write something every day, even if what I write is bad at first.  Progress takes effort.  I'll try to keep that in mind as I watch politics too.


  1. I'm pleased to hear that you are putting pen to paper Linda, your narrative is always compelling and very thought provoking. In contrast to your warm January, ours is very cold at the moment. It's certainly a topsy turvey world we live in at the moment but I agree we have survived through many life events...sometimes they even make us stronger. Here's hoping ...Sending hugs xxx

  2. I'm sure it will get cold again here, but I find the fluctuations in temp as disconcerting as the climate deniers. Maybe current events will eventually push us into a more rational world? Hugs back Jane!

  3. Hi Linda - I think blogger ate my whole comment! Anyway, I wanted to send hugs your way as I find comfort in your words..knowing that there are others who love our USA and are wondering/worrying about this latest chapter. Congratulations on your novel and thank you for the link! I, too, am trying to commit this year to picture book writing, but hope to be able to do a bit of what you're commiting to and write each day. That is so wonderful! I know your novel will come to fruition as you are such a great writer. I'll continue to hope for peace and calm for all of us..thank you so much for your sweet visit and I look forward to keeping up with your peeks of the novel should you wish to share them. :)

  4. Thanks Shirley! Wishing you success with your picture book. I know it will be wonderful as your illustrations always delight. Maybe something good will come from the political mess as good people are coming together and activating.

  5. Yes to the effort, to the need for well-reasoned effort and determination. I like this post and your prior one as well. As you are discerning what comes next, I am hoping for all kinds of intelligent, effortful creativity.

  6. Thanks Melissa! As your post for the week shows, effort leads to great results. I'm hoping the same will hold true for my writing efforts.

  7. Glad to hear you're writing a novel again! I finished mine in November and am up to chapter 20 in my editing. I could edit forever though.

  8. I can imagine the editing is a challenge in itself. Good luck with it! I'm still trying to get the story together in my mind, let alone typing it all.

  9. The thing with politics and climate is that people only read what they prefer to hear (in most case). Most people don't care to even just get an opposing view - as you do. And if there are personal costs to a certain stand needed to be taken, they will certainly not want to hear.

    Now for the writing of your novel. That is so cool that you have started again. Don't ever let people criticize or be negative about your work. Just keep writing and enjoy the process, even when it's hard and at times a struggle. Having a plot as a backbone before doing the actual writing certainly makes it easier to keep going. Good luck with your novel. I look forward to reading it whenever it's done.

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