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Saturday, November 21, 2015


Pennsylvania was supposed to be a brief stretch of road on my way to Lake Chautauqua in New York, but there was an accident ahead of me.  I was parked on the freeway for hours.  I guess that's one way of giving me quiet time?

They closed the freeway and I had to find my way to the next exit through Erie, PA.  Erie is fond of 4-way stop signs, which is nothing compared to the 6-way stop.  2 of those ways were going about 65 mph from around blind corners too.  I'm not loving cities.

Sue loaned me her house on the lake this week.  (Thanks Sue!)  I just wanted to get away from my life and hit reset.  I took my dog and she just laid down and went to sleep through our traffic problems.  Once we actually got to the lake she was thrilled with our escape.  I was less thrilled to walk the dog in the arctic wind.  Winter is coming!  Brrr.

I suppose I'm not the first artist to go to upstate NY for an artist's retreat.  I packed a LOT of art supplies because you never know exactly what you're going to need, and I still forgot a ruler.  I made my own out of a piece of cardboard.  And then I painted.  And painted.  It felt great.  Hours of freeway fumes and city traffic fell away while I listened to the sloshing waves.  Late at night I read a book with my puppy curled up at my feet.

I wandered around Sue's house thinking "how can she do projects?!" because there's a lot of seating and ambiance, but not a whole lot in the way of work stations.  My house is full of work stations and very little ambiance.  It reminds me of a guy my mom told me about whose entire furniture consisted of one folding chair because he didn't want company.  Okay, I'm not as bad as that, but I could definitely do better?

I recovered the seats of my dining room chairs with some pretty tapestry fabric I'd gotten from a garage sale at some point.  One of the seats was in pretty bad shape, so I took it apart again, reconfigured the seat, and covered it again.  It wasn't until all the chairs were back in place that I really considered whether or not the chairs go with their surroundings.

They look okay, but I don't know if they look intentional, and that's the way of it throughout my house.  Somebody called me "eclectic".  Yeah, that's one way of putting it.  I think I'd say I have diverse tastes and dump them all into a small house without a plan -- but I'm handy enough to fix a chair.

When I was little, my grandpa fixed my chair.  It had seen generations of little butts on it before me, and Grandpa decided the best way to prevent future repair was to mend the seat with industrial strength white clothes line which he expertly wove around the rungs.  I'm sure that chair will never need reseated unless someone else has better taste and less utility.  I think I'll blame Grandpa for my frugality, practicality, and deficits in interior decorating genes.

Sue's lake house is tastefully decorated in colors that complement each other, with furniture that looks intentional.  I'm pretty sure that's never going to happen in my living space.  I'm not even sure that I want that, but I enjoyed painting at her house and it was great to get away.  Here are a couple of pictures I took before the last of the fall leaves fell.
Roots of a downed tree in the woods
Bro standing by a giant oak tree


  1. What a gorgeous place to be free to make art Linda. Fabulous! You certainly left the city behind ....love that bird of prey....she looks pretty free too. Keep warm we've had our first taste of winter weather here today x

  2. Thanks Jane! I woke up to snow on the ground. I guess it's time to hibernate until spring. More time for painting? :)

  3. I love eclectic. I have so many odd things and even use my Mom's old ironing board for an end table. What a nice retreat. I took art supplies on our last trip and just did one unfinished sketch. It's the thought that counts or something like that. Thanks so much for dropping by my new writing blog!

    1. I suspect a lot of artists are eclectic, and probably messy hoarders to some extent too? But I'm choosing to think that's just part of what makes us interesting :) Keep taking the art supplies with you Sharon!

  4. A retreat to Lake Chautauqua, how nice! And I love your raptor, looking as if fleeing toward nature, away from city limits.

    Our house isn't conducive to entertaining. Not many places to sit, and our walls are adorned with kids' artwork. I get it.

    1. I was thinking about soaring over the things that stress me when I was painting it, but flying to nature is always a great thing too.

      I love houses with kids' art, and busy looking homes are often more relaxing to me than perfect arrangements :)