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Sunday, November 29, 2015


Punch: orange juice, lemonade, 7-up, and sherbet.  I know this because we have to make it at work once a year.  Nobody told me I'd have to make punch when I went to college.  There's so many things nobody ever warned me about, and I bet men never have to make punch.  It's still such an unfair world.

Punch: wrap your thumb around your other fingers before punching anyone.  Otherwise you might break your thumb on impact.  I punched a wall once when I was sleeping and broke my hand.  Try to avoid punching walls.

Punch: Pulcinella, a silly, but violent, puppet nicknamed Mr. Punch of Punch and Judy.

Illustration Friday was late giving a word for the week, and I can only wonder why "punch" is the word the week of Thanksgiving?  I assume somebody punched someone in a Black Friday shopping event or maybe somebody doesn't get along with their relatives.

I'm distilling some rather horrible apple wine into something better instead.  I froze the wine, and since alcohol doesn't freeze, I'm letting it drip out of the chunk of ice.  This would all be great, but since I keep drinking the alcohol there isn't much in the glass to prove my efforts.

I also made turkey soup.  I'm adept at cooking, and there's a pleasure in that proficiency -- as long as nobody makes me do it.  I pulled turnips from the garden and feel pleased about that too.  My dog was thrilled to lick the turkey pan and hovered in hope that I'd drop something tasty.

The only way to get good at stuff is to do it, and to do it a lot.  That goes for art or cooking or anything else.  It helps to have an affinity for what you're doing, but you can learn how to do anything you want to do.  Then study and practice, practice, practice.

I wasn't thrilled about cooking when I was a kid.  It was another chore, and I wasn't into any more work.  It wasn't until I was alone in the kitchen and opened all the spices and smelled each of them that I started seeing possibilities.  The aromas were like colors to me and I could paint with them to enjoy dinner more.

Don't worry about not being good at something from the beginning.  I think too many people quit before they really start at things.  Just try.  Laugh at your failures, learn something from the experience, and try again.

The apple wine is the first time I've distilled anything.  I used a wrong shaped container and ended up with a slushy mess on my counter with my first effort since the whole thing just slid out of the tapered jar in a chunk.  Oh well, stuff happens.  Sometimes experimentation is messy.  In this case, it's also tasty -- at least tastier than the wine was.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with love and good food!

Congratulations to the Flannerys for their brand new bouncing baby boy! 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving (a few days late), Linda!

    "The only way to get good at stuff is to do it, and to do it a lot". So true, and I wonder about kids today who want instant everything. I sound like an old lady. But I do see the reluctance to practice, practice, practice from my tutees!

    Lovely cornucopia. As with your artwork, I have no doubt that you're a good cook!

    1. Happy belated Thanksgiving! I must be an old lady too because I think the same about kids wanting everything without putting in any effort. They're missing the joy of real success and I really wish them to know that feeling.

  2. I thought punch was a funny word too. I'm not sure if i'll play along or not. I love the smell of spices as well. I even had a stint working at Penzey's Spices. And still buy all my spices there. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks! I had a nice day. I hope you did too! I bet it tasted good with all your spices :)

  3. You forgot the pint of grain alcohol, rum or vodka in your punch recipe. Too much gives you an extra punch the next morning.

    There are still done apples on the trees!

    1. Well, wasn't that implied? LOL You know I have to make punch for church ladies, so the good stuff has to be for home entertaining :)

      I'm surprised the deer haven't wiped out the rest of your apples.

  4. What a fun post Linda....I agree that it's a strange theme...love your cornucopia....does it contain punch? I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving x

    1. Thanks Jane! I had a very nice Thanksgiving. It's one of the best holidays. Feel free to adopt it or something like it. Good food, friends and family, and gratitude all make life better :)

  5. You are right that it's unfair that men don't have to make punch (probably). But at least I don't like and don't drink it. You are also right about not worrying about being good before doing something. Otherwise we will never get anything done... I wish you a great weekend.