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Friday, April 16, 2010

"Detective 2"

While I was rooting around in my box to find the woodpecker for my last post, I found the drawing of the boy doing his detective work on butterflies. This seems like a sweeter association for Illustration Friday’s word of the week, so I decided to include them both. The drawing of the boy is 4 ½” x 5”, Prismacolor pencil on cocquille paper. This is an old technique that was a way of doing a drawing on textured paper that allowed printers to shoot the art as line art instead of having to do a half-tone. In other words, by shooting it as line art, the quality was better than if it had to be broken into dots for printing.


  1. what beautiful, gentle expression.

  2. great work :D beatiful :D love it :D

  3. 3 smiles! Yay! I love getting feedback. Thanks!

  4. how beautiful! very nice. thanks for your kind comment!

  5. Artists need to give each other support. I appreciate it when people give it to me, so I like to spread it around :)