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Saturday, October 25, 2014


I was a toy-deprived child.  I know this sounds unthinkable today, but my leisure items were limited to books, Monopoly, chess, checkers, blocks, and Legos.  There was a stupid plastic baby doll with plastic hair, but I hated that thing.  It didn't love me and real babies are messy, noisy and a thousand other irritations.  I learned that fast.

Bro says illo #1 isn't a puppet so I made
this ghost. He says this isn't a puppet either.

My oldest sister had a Barbie knock off and a Ken doll.  I snuck into her things on a regular basis to play with Ken.  I could care less about Tammy, but Ken was dreamy.  Messing with Sis' stuff was flirting with real pain when caught, so eventually Ken and I ended our relationship.  So sad.  I wonder if he ever thinks of me?

Okay, I had a well-loved
hand-me-down Teddy too.
Thus ended my early days of make believe and toys until I was a teenager and the Muppets were on tv.  I bought a Kermit. 
Aware that I never enjoyed the prerequisite amount of play, I took Kermit with me to see his movie.  I went with a friend who brought her own Kermit.  Our mutual friend thought we were hopelessly nuts which just made the whole thing funnier.  I took Kermit to a lot more activities and enjoyed that friend's look of exasperation.

I got Animal to keep Kermit company.  I loved Animal.  He was everything I could relate to, unlike Sis' Tammy.  I wonder if Ken would love my inner "Animal"?

My relationship with toys was therefore somewhat formed, and I was happy with my 2 pets.  I didn't talk to them or anything.  I mean, I knew they were stuffed, inanimate objects, but they made me smile.

Until... yes, another painful parting.

Bro says sock puppet counts :)
I was living in the bottom half of a house when I was in college, when Stacey knocked on my door saying that my upstairs neighbors told her I was looking for a roommate.  I said okay since Pat and Matt recommended her.  They afterwards said they only sent her downstairs to get rid of her.  Aaagh!!!  Lesson: check references.

She wasn't all bad, but I wanted to kill her when her lesbian relationship stood between me and the bathroom.  I had to go outside and around the house to go in the back door, which is annoying enough, but they also xxxxx... Okay, some things don't need to be recorded in blogland.  I'm sure there are some very fine lesbians out there, but Stacey wasn't a desirable roommate.

Our house was broken into and Stacey's cache of cash got stolen with a bunch of other things that the thief obviously knew she had.  My stuff was just tossed around, but intact... except for Animal.  They stole Animal!!!

I wish they'd stolen Stacey instead.  So much for my life with puppets.

TV doodles for art this week.  While scribbling I came up with an idea I'd like to pursue, but that's nowhere near to unveiling yet since it's still just an idea.  What I will share is that sometimes I just scribble and then see what zen pictures are hiding in the scribbles like taking a Rorschach test.  Sometimes the best ideas are waiting to be found that way.

...maybe some fall leaves too?

Saturday, October 18, 2014


It's a rainy, cold Saturday.  I procrastinated my post for "trouble" and tormented myself with youtube videos.  Bawling my eyes out over singing competitions specifically.

Jonathan and Charlotte in Britain got things going.  Okay, I'm behind on these things.  They've gotten kind of famous when I wasn't looking, but having watched their videos and interviews I think I now know more about them than they know about themselves.  I'm worried about Jonathan.  He's got weight and depression problems.  What happens as life goes on and maybe Charlotte marries someone else or the stardust falls away or whatever else happens to young stars?  Sniffle.
Some super sweet kids, a little boy who fell apart, gathered himself together, then gave a great performance... More sniffles.

Sung-bong Choi on the other hand... well.  Bring on the tissues.

If you think you've got troubles, walk a mile in Sung-bong's moccasins.  He was abandoned in an orphanage when he was 3, ran away when he was 5 after a beating, then lived on the streets alone for 10 years.  He was beaten, sold, and countless other miseries until a teacher got him into school for the first time as a teenager.  He came in second on Korea's Got Talent in 2011.

I know I'm not the only female who does this to herself.  I don't know about guys.  They probably close the curtains and turn off the lights before committing themselves to this kind of misery and release.  All I can say for sure is that crying about someone else's troubles makes me more able to handle my own sometimes.

Sometimes I think of the Marcia Bradys whose biggest problems are a zit on prom day.  Those people piss me off and I can get very self righteous about their petted lives -- but I don't really know what's going on with them.  Actress Maureen McCormick became drug addicted and had all sorts of family issues.  Wouldn't want to be her.

All sorts of miseries go on in the world.  125 million females suffer genital mutilation.  How many more are beaten or raped?  Males get abused too, so there's trouble enough to go around.  Sung-bung Choi has a talent to take him out of the gutter, but how many more don't have that?  It doesn't feel right to cry for him so I can feel better. But, he survived.  While there's life, there's hope.  Malala won the Nobel Prize and I feel that hope.

Sometimes I wonder if all this abuse is part of what makes the world go round?  Without real suffering, can we have art, love, achievement, empathy?

I did this painting doodle while thinking about DNA, our collective human nature and relatedness, and especially thinking that I'd like to loosen up and do something fun and free like Chris' paintings that I showed last week.  Obviously I didn't get there, but I clearly don't have anything to complain about when orphaned children live on the street.

But perhaps, opening my heart to others' suffering creates a connection that helps them somehow in the collective unconscious?  Call it prayer or anything else you'd like, but I wish for their happiness, recovery, and peace.

Friday, October 10, 2014


I went to Chicago for a work conference.  Lectures, vendor meetings, fancy dinners (including an octopus appetizer)... but let's get the important part -- I saw a couple of my college buddies!!  Woo Hoo! YAY!!!

Chris, Alex, and I talked and laughed.  I am so glad to see them again after so many years and my heart is bursting with happiness to see them.  I would've liked to see more college friends in Chicago, but time was limited.  We are inspired by the 1981 class' reunion and blog site and want to do our own reunion.  We don't have photos from back in the day because we were too poor for luxuries like cameras and film, but if you were at Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) around the time of the graduating class of 1983 let us know if you're interested in a reunion and/or have photos. We're inclusive and would like to see everybody we knew and loved back then, including the 1981 folks.  I'll make a blog for photos if anyone sends them.

I got to see some of Chris (Koronich) Nye's recent work when I was in Chicago.  See her website here.

Chris' work is expressive and happy, and I'll admit I'm a bit jealous that she paints what she wants and has found a market for it.  She combines her other interests in interior design, faux finishes, and yoga instruction into a cohesive plan for survival and self-expression.  She does what she wants artistically and in every other way.

I roamed around her house and contemplated her paintings, which I suppose is the real beauty of them.  They are beautiful in themselves, but they're also contemplative like Japanese landscapes which are intended to be viewed during meditations.  I wandered around in Chris' yard and stroked the lavender to get the calming scent on my hands.  When I went back inside with my lavender hands and there were the paintings again with all the colors of the garden.  They're suggestive, calming, exciting, and inspiring.

When I worked with naturalists, they liked to tell me to do things in "natureful colors".  I'd tell them that all colors are in nature, but they really just wanted tans, browns, and greens.  Chris' paintings have hot yellow chartreuses, purples, reds... an explosion of truly "natureful" colors.

Sometimes I throw paint around.  It's a happy activity that I don't take very seriously when I do it myself.  Sometimes I'll even hang one of those paintings, but I want people to notice things I've labored over, not the things I just had fun doing.  Another of my friends has scolded me for my wrong-headed attitude.  She says people enjoy it when I have fun with paint and also that other people can't do it.  No matter the people who say their kid could do it.  Let your kid try then.  There's a lot to be said for an expensive college education that taught us about color and design, right?

This all made crystal clear sense to me when I looked at Chris' paintings.  Sometimes I can do something similar, but it isn't the same, and I'll be the first to say Chris' paintings are better.  She understands things about interior spaces that I don't.  Her color choices are wonderful.  She brings flowers to life through suggestion.  I've got a blank canvas.  I think I'll follow her inspiration and throw some paint around!

Standing in front of the Chicago "Bean"
The octopus is just a doodle.  I don't want to take away from the beauty of Chris' art this week.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


There's a sliver of time when night is over, but it isn't morning.  The plants are weighed down by dew and the wind is still.  The bats and frogs have eaten all the mosquitoes, the crickets and frogs have found their mates, and the night animals bed down for the day while the day animals still sleep.  Silence.

I like the in between times.  When evening starts, or before morning, or the twilight between waking and sleeping, or sleeping and waking.  Those are the slices of time for feeling instead of thinking.  When fairies are possible and our wishes are realities.  When we're alone with ourselves to feel the things that we really want instead of what the world wants us to want.

These can be the times of epiphanies.  We can remember our dreams, and our dreams make sense, before the day takes away our certainties.  All things are possible.

Those of you people who pop out of bed first thing in the morning, and start the coffee, check your emails, wash your windows, or whatever it is you do with the full energy of a night's rest are missing one of the best times of the day when you could be snuggling your partner or feeling the truth of your dreams.

Morning people are self-righteous about how they get the day going and how the rest of us are lazy slugs.  It's no wonder I've wanted to throttle some of them.  I almost came to physical violence when my college roommate threw open the windows in the middle of winter to air the place out.  I think it counts as justifiable homicide when my peaceful slumbers are disturbed by snow falling on my face.

Some people hate silence, and fill it with music, and activity, and chatter.  Maybe I'm the only one who enjoys it when the power goes out.  The refrigerator stops humming, and other stuff I've learned to tune out shuts off too.  It's so quiet.  Peaceful.  Healing.

I used to lay in bed and feel the wonder of my body.  Red blood cells going one way, white blood cells going another, the thump of my heart pushing them along, my breath pulling in oxygen... breathe in healing, breathe out stress...

And then the day starts.  The dog needs out and her bowls filled.  There's stuff to do, people to see, problems to solve.  Bosses are too often extraverted morning people who think everybody else should be just like them.  People who open windows in winter, and to hell with whoever isn't keeping up with their program.

It takes all types.  The world needs the dreamers, and this dreamer needs to sleep in the silence just before morning.