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Friday, June 11, 2010


There is a really nice fundraising effort going on to help with the BP oil spill, and artists can help by donating an image pertaining to the gulf on a 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" card. Jpegs of the cards can be submitted to ripplesketches@verizon.net.

Cards are available for a $10 donation (each) to either The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies http://www.imms.org/ or The International Bird Rescue Research Center http://www.ibrrc.org/ . When the cards sell, artists sign the back of the art with thanks and mail them to the buyer's address.

The Ripple blog is http://ripplesketches.blogspot.com/

I'm grateful to Penny at http://illustrationfriday.com/ for choosing this worthy cause as the inspiration for this week's word, and encourage other artists to contribute to the effort.

These seashell pictures are on scratchboard because I think the black backgrounds feel like the black oil, but I'd rather focus on the beauty of the gulf, and what's prettier than seashells?


  1. I love your idea of using the inky black scratchboard, bringing a quality of depth and stillness to these beautiful drawings.

  2. I just took a look at your web site you do some awesome stuff I have a bit of a love thing happening for packaging design, if you go back a couple of posts on my blog you will see my last assignment submission for Uni.
    Also I had a read of last weeks IF 'trail' it was facinating, ooooo what was in the woods! Nothing like that around here just plenty of King Brown Snakes, Tipans and Red Back Spiders.

  3. Thanks! I love to get comments from people, and especially when I like their work too. Kylie, I heard an Australian actor talking about how everything there can kill you? But I think the odd thing about my tracks is that everything looks so safe in Ohio.

    I'm happy because the seashells sold. Yay! That's $40 for oily animals. I may make more cards. I know it's not enough, but it makes me feel like I'm helping.

  4. These are just lovely. I really like the white on black.

  5. Thanks Sally. I missed some of your recent posts. I especially like your tornado.

  6. Good! Black and white adds drama to the topic
    but gives much strength to your work.

  7. These are beautiful Linda! Love these!

  8. These are lovely Linda, I love the elegant style of them!

  9. Hey Linda, that top one reminds me of edgar allen poe - don't know why - and the offset star fish is a nice surprise. i like these a lot.

    Congrats on selling them but I'm not surprised

  10. Very effective in their starkness. Love the starfish especially

  11. Thanks! I love the connection to Poe. Seashells spiraling into some deep abyss or something :) I also love that people have preferences between them too. This was a good way to get people together for a good cause.

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  13. Anonymous -- I appreciate comments, but please do not use my blog to advertise.

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