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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My first thought for IF's word of the week was to go back to my girl with the bucket on her head of a couple weeks ago, but having 2 girls scrubbing my basement because I need a double. The plumbing disaster has been disastrous, and I have been scrubbing mold and mildew from things before tossing them in the driveway as hopeless.

The claims adjuster has come and gone, and I guess he doesn't value my stuff as much as I do. All these years of collecting has been forcibly brought back to a more manageable level. Gone is the solid oak desk I used in college. Gone are the wooden cubby holes I got from a previous job. Gone is the oak bookshelf my dad scavenged from Case Western when they remodeled their dorms. Gone, gone, gone... but did I really need any of these things? When was the last time I actually worked at that desk?

Objects that remind me of people don't really bring those people back. If you get down to it, my creepy landlord gave me that desk, and remembering him just brings back the image of him peeking in my window. But the desk reminded me of sharing the rundown party house with Pat and Matt and how they shot the wall with a nail gun. They stuck birthday candles in the holes, then nearly burned the house down while they laughed and ate Cap'n Crunch dry out of the box -- but do I need a big, moldy piece of furniture to remind me of my very accurate prediction of what would happen when they lit those candles?

I'm too tired this week to make new art, so this is something I did for the dedication of Lake Farmpark, which is a demonstration farm in Lake County, Ohio. The art was created in pen and ink then printed on linen paper. I'd like to write something sweet about my twin brothers, but I'm pretty sure they know I love them. Besides, they like to be considered singular individuals instead of part of a pair anyway. Give me time. I'll write about them eventually!


  1. If the baby lambs were female, you'd have a "double ewe" as well.

  2. I'm so sorry the plumbing disaster has been such a nightmare for you.

    Love the illustration, though. Little lambs make me so happy.

  3. Linda its just great how you have made the textures and the quiet space work so well in this design

  4. Hey Linda! What doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger. Sorry about all your stuff and the mold. In a few years you'll laugh about it. Love your illustration! Very cool line work!! Nice texture as well!

  5. Great design!
    Congratulations to double!

  6. Nothing more terrifying as having a mold problem. :( Love the drawing.

  7. Really love your pattern on the ewe's coat.

  8. This is a lovely image - such a nice clean looking design. Real twin lambs are a delight to see too!

  9. Thanks everybody, and thanks for the follows too! The trash guys came and took away the desk this morning. Somehow, I think I'm feeling a little lighter today.

    I like sheep, but it didn't occur to me until just now that I should've written about the "sheep lady" with this art. She was quite a character. She was my role model for being a cool, eccentric old lady. Maybe another time?

  10. Beautiful, classic drawing, Linda... and sorry to hear about all of your plumbing/mold problems. Life gets in the way sometimes doesn't it? I find it interesting that you chose an image that contrasts a fully-wooled (and protected?) adult sheep, with two very young, mostly wool-less lambs... Could it be reflecting the vulnerability of letting old 'wool' go? Good for you... lighter, yes!

  11. hey fellow ohioan! sorry about your misfortune...this is a really beautiful piece.

  12. Susan, you might be right about wanting to be protected by someone with horns and the vulnerability of letting go -- though sometimes I'm the one with horns protecting the lambs too.

    Michael, yay another Clevelander! Small world :)

    Thanks for the comments!

  13. oooh I really love the style and minimalism of this piece. Whimsical and very appealing!

  14. from Riley -- It's cute, but it looks like a fuzzy goat.

  15. Riley is my 8-yr-old niece and toughest critic :) We have a good time drawing together, and she got sidewalk chalk today for more team efforts.

    Thanks to everyone for comments and Luli for following!