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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Public Service Announcement

Hi to all,
I'm not big on contests that cost much to enter, but here's a new one to me... by entering, you sign away all of your rights, and they don't even guarantee prize money even if you win. Check out this literary agent's blog for more details -- if you can stand it. Reminder to everyone, read your contracts!


  1. Unbelievable! I really hate to see things like this that could dupe someone in to giving away their hard work.

  2. Hahahah! The original publisher on the article is basically looking for SUCKERS, so if they are out there, that would be the thing for them. Unfortunately there are so many people who are innocently dumb.

    Ah there are so many published trash out there anyway. I don't think she will find a resurrection of Hemmingway.

  3. Just like when it seems like people can't get any lower, you find out that yep, they can. It burns me up that they're feeding on other people's dreams.

  4. Like why even bother, right? This is, like, a guy who drinks vodka and eats last night's pizza for breakfast coming up with an inspiration about how to become famous. They eat their own. Nuff said. (Hope this wasn't too opinionated. I have trouble coming to the point. That's obvious. LOL!)

  5. I once had an agent offer to represnt a novel I had written. His fee was eight hundred dollars a month, but I could cancel at anytime, as long as I gave two months notice aaafter the first month

  6. @Rand, Not too opinionated for me. Bad people like this need punished!

    @Andrew, That's a new one to me. I've never heard of an agent charging a monthly salary! Punish that one too!