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Friday, October 28, 2011

"Scary", Giveaway, & Granola

“Scary” is the furthest thing from my mind today. I want to do my happy dance and sing about 100 posts! Woo hoo! Yay!!! Who knew when I started this blog that I would actually meet my goal of participating in Illustration Friday every week? Or that it would be so much fun to make the posts and find a community of so many interesting people around the world? Blogging is fun. Who wants to think about “scary”?

But let’s see… hm…things to be scared of…

Admitting fears, bugs with too many legs, a damp basement at night, neighbors with guns, public speaking, new computers, second dates, plumbing problems, car problems, pain, asking favors, bills, world chaos, loss, admitting defeat, blood, math problems involving trains going in different directions…

Let’s face it, we’ve all got fears. Your list is probably different than mine, but I bet you agree with at least one of my fears – which just goes to show that one is completely justified. I suppose (said with a heavy sigh), that we’re all supposed to just buck up and face those fears. Grow, live, expand our universe. Sometimes don’t you just want to shake those perpetually happy self-help gurus? Alright, alright… I’ve gotten over my basement thing. Mostly. At least I can manage to do the laundry at night once in a while if I really need that blue shirt tomorrow – but I’ll probably just wear the red shirt.

I suspect we learn all of our fears. That basement thing has got to have something to do with my skinny grandmother, not to be confused with the fat grandma who had preserves and games and a science lab in her basement. The skinny grandma probably had rotting bodies in hers. I wasn’t sure where the pull cord for the light was, and my sister screamed when she stepped on something squishy. It might have been a sock that dropped from the laundry basket, but it might have been a dead body part. Damp, dark basements probably have a lot of those bugs with too many legs too. And the angry ghosts of all those rotting bodies. Yep, completely justified fear, but it’s daytime now, and I don’t need to go to the basement. Life is good.

Thanks to everyone who played, but the congratulations go to Josh Pincus! Visit his blog where he writes interesting biographical sketches about famous people. My niece pulled the winner before her weekly horse riding lesson. I took a very cute picture of her with the horse while she held up Josh’s name, but the camera experienced technical difficulties, so I can’t share the photo with you. Let’s just imagine the moment with this scribble.

Last week I mentioned Mom’s granola, which I admitted is pretty good. She found the recipe, which I assume originally came from Quaker Oats since it’s a printed card instead of the usual handwritten variety. I see she hid sugar and honey in this recipe. No wonder I liked this!

2 ¼ cups Quaker Oats
½ cup instant non-fat dry milk
½ cup sunflower nuts
½ cup coarsely chopped nuts
½ cup wheat germ or unprocessed bran
½ cup firmly packed brown sugar
½ cup butter or margarine, melted
¼ cup honey
½ cup raisins (optional)

Heat oven to 325F. In large bowl, combine all ingredients except raisins; mix well. Spread into ungreased 15” x 10” jelly roll pan. Bake 30 – 35 minutes or until golden brown, stirring occasionally. Stir in raisins. Spread onto ungreased cookie sheet or aluminum foil. Cool. Store in tightly covered container in refrigerator. Serve as a snack or as a cereal with milk. Makes about 8 cups.


  1. Math problems with trains going in different directions are definitely scarey. So see, justified :) Actually I think I share several of these fears... and yes, I'd like to shake the perpetual cheerleaders at times. The ones with the smiles plastered on their faces and nothing ever, ever, ever gets them down. ;D just kidding... My husband just showed me the most ridiculous ad for a pair of shoes. He thought he wanted a pair until he saw the logo on the side. The logo is ummmmm, maybe supposed to be a tadpole, but resembles something else... and it's on the sides of the shoes and plastered all over the site. I guess my mind is in the gutter tonight. If you want a laugh, email me and I send you a link ;)

  2. Linda, I am always so late, I wanted to be early this week. See I am so early I have not had a chance to enjoy your work :) which I am going to do now, :)

    see you in a while crocadile!

  3. Heh, love that happy scary image :) We all like to be scared, it gives us viscarious pleasure, especially when we survive :) Not surviving isn't so good. I love your list of scary things. It's good to have a back up plan of possible scaries in case we cure ourselves of our present ones,

    I am scared of white pointers, little boys with pop guns and santa clauses with bony knees,( er won't go there :))

    Congrats Josh, what a great surprise :) Well deserved. Happy weekend Linda !!! Congrats on 100 posts! here's to the next couple o' hundred :)

  4. Well done for sticking with your weekly goal, here's to many more to come?
    I had a friend with a bricked up door in her cellar, it was said that there was a hidden passage behind, it was a very scary place!

  5. I love everyone's comments. You all crack me up! (and yes, I think I do need to see the website for the shoes!) I do have more fears on my back up list. Or maybe they're on my first tier list? Such scary things we should never, ever mention them. But now I'm starting to notice white arrows, and there is something creepy about how they go all over the place. Extra doors in basements should obviously be avoided at all costs, especially if it's bricked up. That's where the dead bodies are!

  6. Kudos for your achievement Linda. I enjoy reading your posts every week, although I've had to catch up today on a few week's worth. I have a natural aversion to dead bodies as well and always make sure everyone around me is not one. As for crunchy granola, there is a part of town that people who eat that stuff live. They wear rubber boots, don't shave (anywhere) and their skin sweats raw garlic. These people do scare me! Happy Halloween!

  7. I'm not too scared to say "Happy Halloween" to you, and thanks for sharing the yummy granola recipe, which sounds like a real treat!
    And since we don't have too many basements in California, it's been said that much of what might be considered scary can be found walking among us at any given place or time. Congrats to Josh, the winner of your giveaway, and of course, to you on your 100th post! :o) Whoooo-eeee-oooo!!! (My best spooky sound effect from that scary happy face)

  8. Boos? No boos. I say YAYYY! Very cute pumpkin guy. And your niece's portrait made me giggle with glee. Ha, that's so great! Congratulations, Josh! Oh, yes, you and I share more than one thing in common on your list. And skinny grandma vs. fat grandma. How do you know fat grandma wasn't feeding on her dead bodies? She had a science lab, after all. Mwahahahahaha.

    I kid. I'm sure both your grandmas were sweet. Ok. Time for me to make granola!

  9. Another very entertaining post Linda! Bet that Granola is sweet! Congrats to Josh!

  10. I laughed at the asking favors one. Definitely agree with the public speaking one. Happy 100!

  11. Happy Halloween!!! And thanks for the comments! I'm so happy I can get you to giggle with glee Bella. My plump grandma ate cookies. I think people who eat cookies are sweeter than the ones with bodies in the basement :) I have rubber boots. Should I move in with the Vegans?

  12. Heh Happy Hallowed Eve to you too :) Is it the same as valspichencenstein nicht. If I could spell that I would google it. Oh Ralph. It's a great name for an uncle - it must be short for Raphael ? When I get the tickets printed I will send you one. I am just speaking with Elton John about doing some of the backing vocals - but he keeps putting my hand on his leg.... :)

  13. LOL Andrew! The only part of that I can translate of that is "night". Can't wait for the show. I'm sure Elton will be fabulous!

  14. Another great post Linda, i am most scared by the soggy socks in the basement:)

  15. Thanks Amanda! I don't know if it was a soggy sock, but those are obviously scary too!

  16. Thanks for the beautiful cards. Letter bombs have a much better chance of being opened when they come in pretty stationary.

    Thanks again.