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Sunday, October 13, 2013


Hitler made a statement with his mustache.  I’m not sure what that statement was supposed to be.  Look at me, I’m nuts?  Hitler wanted to be an artist before he tried to kill off so many people – which goes to show that the world would be much better off if everyone supports art.

I have a morbid fascination with WWII.  I don’t care about war tactics, airplanes, and stuff like that.  My fascination is with the people.  I need to understand how Hitler could do the things he did, why the nation let him do it, and all the human suffering and surviving that came out of it.

Hitler used his war to plunder the greatest art treasures.  He also used art to fight his war.  Whatever anyone could say about the content, German propaganda was so effective that Americans and Russians copied his tactics.  The symbols they used were powerful.  The swastika was an ancient symbol for luck and wellbeing.  The eagle is strength and victory.  Red, white, and black are the most powerful colors in advertising.

There’s just no getting around it, Hitler wasn’t Hitler without factoring in his feelings about art.  How could a man with the sensitivity to paint flowers and dogs be so heartless and cruel?  Or perhaps the real question is who will be the next Hitler?  What country will follow a lunatic into battle?

I know it’s going on in the world right now.  There’s always a crazy person who wants to rule the world and others will follow their ideas.  As a person with German ancestors, maybe WWII hits me too close to home.  All of my people were in the US at that time, but German war posters show people who could be my relatives.  Old newsreels show familiar-looking people with guns at concentration camps.

It’s been said many times, but can’t be said enough, “Never again”.

All of this seems too heavy for a Sunday morning with a stupid topic like “moustache”.  People either have moustaches or not, and hopefully the people with them aren’t women.  Also, hopefully the moustaches don’t have leftover lunch in them.

Amish men just don’t look right without one.  I mean really, if you’re going to let your beard grow, why shave off the moustache?  It makes them look cranky.

The best thing about Vikings other than their cool helmets is that they often braided their beards.  Sensible and stylish for when they were off plundering.  Pirates did that too, so maybe beards are just a sign of lawlessness and need to be repressed.  Maybe Muslim men would be in a better mood if they braided their beards with flowers?  Just saying.  Someone’s got to find a way to make the world a better place.


  1. Interesting about Hitler's art. Something repressed there maybe? I have a moustache and a bit of a beard (no flowers, or braids). Anything that does its bit to hide this mug gets to stick around. lol

  2. I think you should go for the flowers and braids Rand :)

  3. Interesting article Josh. Thanks for sharing it, though I'm left feeling that Hitler lacked any real redeeming qualities besides being able to draw a dog.

  4. No beards or moustaches here yet Linda...although my hubby and Dad both had them 32 years ago, the photos still make us giggle. Sadly nothing to giggle about Adolf though....I really think he had no redeeming qualities whatsover .Over here in November is Movember, a month where men grow moustaches to raise awareness for prostate cancer so perhaps they do have one redeeming quality after all! x

  5. I hadn't heard about growing mustaches for an actual purpose before. Good for the guys to promote a good cause. I have a picture of my boss with a mustache from 30 years ago. That makes me giggle too :)

  6. Another thoughtful & interesting post, Linda. I didn't know Hitler was an artist. I agree it seems strange someone sensitive enough to look at the world as an artist, & draw & paint dogs & flowers would have a COMPLETE lack of sensitivity toward innocent people. Much to chew on....

    On a lighter note...speaking of chewing, I'd heard moustaches & beards were where men saved bits of food for later... ;)

  7. Linda, such an interesting post on Hitler, his art and moustache.

    I've read it with great interest. At a young age I started to read on WWII, but stopped somewhere in my 30s because it all became too much.

    I was expecting you would elaborate a bit on the Hitler house (including moustache) too. Maybe the link below escaped your news channels, although it went viral on the internet for a few days.


    You have done it again: creating an interesting and very well illustrated post. You are knowledgeable and skilful. Well done!

  8. Another provocative post, Linda. It is making me think too early in the day. Wait, it is already mid-day. Okay, too early in the week. Wait, it is mid-week...

  9. Thanks everybody! The Hitler house is funny, even if the actual guy wasn't -- but sometimes laughing is the best way to deal with things that aren't funny.

    Thanks for the follow Lois!!!

  10. Amazing how you came up with such deep thoughts from the moustache prompt. You've gotten me thinking about Hitler and wondering if scientists will ever be able to determine certain things from his brain - if they indeed have it.

    I like your drawings. Now I've got to look at my husband's moustache to see if his is represented in your line up. :)

  11. Interesting thoughts on contradictions and i love your little doodles, think my fav is the viking :)

  12. I have to say I'm partial to the viking too :) Thanks for the comments!