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Saturday, April 12, 2014


I went to a birthday party when I was in high school and celebrated somewhat too heartily with 5 girlfriends who shared a birthday.  "Hmm", I thought, "birthdays might be worth noticing?"

Thus, I noticed astrology as something besides a punchline in jokes of the era and discovered an interesting way to sort people.  If you've read this blog before, you'll know I think sorting people by color is pretty stupid because it really isn't very informative.  Sorting by birthday on the other hand is completely logical -- even if I don't understand the logic.  I am considering someone else's theory that it's based on the food cycle and family activities at different times of the year.

So, now we're in Aries and I have a big clump of people with birthdays right around now.  I notice they've got some similarities and can decide whether or not I like these people, how best to get along with them, etc.  Sorting by the zodiac limits people to 12 signs, and I'm pretty capable of handling essentially 12 people, especially since I can cross off some I never willingly talk to in the first place.

It's made dating easier too.  Most of my significant relationships were born within a week of each other, even if in different years.  Sometimes I've viewed this as revisiting a situation until I can work out a solution -- though I did get fed up and branch out to Pisces men, who were born within the same week of each other.  I really didn't plan this.  It just happens, and I notice.  (Which all sounds like I date a lot and I don't.)

In my many years of noticing, I also discovered a lump of people in my life that were given to me instead of me going out and getting them.  Twin brothers obviously share a birthday, but what about what about having 2 serious relationships with men born 2 days apart who also have mothers born on the same day?  Plus that Pisces who has a son born on that day?

I could go on, but the inexplicable nature of what I notice keeps me interested.  I read my horoscope in the mornings, but I don't really take that very seriously.  If it says "keep your mouth shut today or you'll tick off your boss and get fired", well, I'd probably keep my mouth shut just to be on the safe side, but otherwise it all seems pretty superficial.

One time I took my chart and a brother's chart to an astrologer and asked why he and I can't peacefully coexist on the same continent.  Our charts are remarkably similar, but he has Mars or Pluto or something in a different spot and whatever it is made a world of difference to her.  I suppose I could take it to a Chinese astrologer and find out that Ox and Dragon are combustible, which actually makes a little more sense to me.

All of this is kind of like filling in Sudoku puzzles for me.  I keep trying to figure out people, and the zodiac gives me a filing cabinet to sort things.  I'm Virgo rising.  It all makes sense if you think about it.


  1. Nice, nice zodiac art, Linda! Never been one for horoscopes and signs defining people. Was a more "gut feeling" guy myself. :)

  2. I'm not a horoscope person either Linda unless it can tell me when to buy a ticket to win the lotto ;0) I'm Aries....I hope I can still stay friends with my great Virgo rising blogger pal ;0) x

  3. Thanks Rand! I'm a gut-feeling person too when it really comes down to it too.

    Happy birthday Jane! I'm happy to add you to my collection of Aries people :)

  4. I do ring true with my pisces sign. Thank goodness I didn't marry one though.

  5. Obviously I get along with Pisces people Sharon :)

  6. I hope you get along well with Aquarians. I enjoy your blog!

  7. He ha, you made me laugh three times (from amusement) so I guess I should say He he heh :) Well you are such a naturally gifted writer, it's so annnoying that you should be such a good artist as well. It's like when you see that pommie chick on tv with the beautiful face who is a professor of anthropology and not only that, she climbs steep very tall cliffs and doesn't get scared, nor does she get claustrophobic in a waist wide tunnel that was last navigated by thorny bison of the last stone age whose bones are at the very end of the tunnel because they couldn't figure out how to make their way back to the surface. I think I detected a self fulfilling prophecy in your relationshsipos somwhere in there. It's like an almost friend of mine who used to very famous, as the same initials as mine was borne on the same day and also happens to be a right hander... apart fromthat i have absoultely no intention of having a relationship with him as I prefer women. :) so there! Hope ypu are well, life has swallowed me up and I am now stuck in the persistaltis part ...! see you

  8. I get along great with Aquarians as long as neither of us tells the other what to do. See, studying astrology has given me so much information how to get along :)

    Andrew! So long no see! I've missed you and your posts. Seems like you're multi-talented too, but thanks for the compliments. See my head swelling? I looked up my birthday and found a German physicist. That made me happy so I quit looking for more people since I might've found some criminals too. There are also people with my same name, but that gets into numerology, and I can't believe that!

    1. the only Andrew F's I find on the net are of African heritage or buried in The USA midlands :) Don't worry about your head swelling - you deserve it :) see you!

  9. How does classifying people by sign/birthday mesh with understanding different personality types such as those defined by the Meyers Briggs test, for example? This is all very mysterious to me.

  10. I figure it all goes together, like Leos are all extroverts and Pisces are all intuitive, etc. In the end they're both just sorting systems and you still have to see the person in front of you as an individual :)

  11. Of course you know that we Cancers don't believe in astrology! Besides, why is everyone afraid of us? I've never heard of an anti-Libra society, or a 10k run to help stamp out Taurus.

  12. LOL You could start a campaign to rename your sign :) But if you think people are afraid of Cancers, you should try telling them you're a Scorpio!

  13. If I were a zodiac person, I'd definitely want your illustration hanging in my house! :) The circles, borders, and figures are all very appealing.

    I was born under the sign of Sagittarius. Your post makes me want to read about it to see if I agree with what it says I am. I believe there are so many mysteries in life that are yet to be uncovered; even in areas that many don't ascribe to.