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Sunday, June 26, 2016


I bet nobody outside Ohio knows that there are quite a few wineries in Ohio.  For many of us in the state, we pucker at the memory of drinking native vintage, but our wine has gotten remarkably better and even wins some big awards.  Some people enjoy winery tours around here, and you know, the more wine you sample, the less picky you get about it anyway.

We have the right climate for it -- to which I can personally attest since I was trying to tug grape vines out of my yard this week.  I landed on my butt and gave up.  I also gave up the battle with thorny raspberry vines.  I've achieved the usual mid-summer defeat in the battle between landscaping and nature.

I lack motivation to do much this week.  Sometimes I look at all the stuff everyone else is doing and feel like I've got to do more too.  Mostly I think that I need a real vacation and excitement, but that would all take motivation which I've already said I lack right now.  I want to curl up with a book and ignore the world.

I know a lot of this has to do with some major reorganizing they're doing at work right now.  I'm in limbo, waiting for a new person to start in a couple of weeks.  Everything may work out great, but the limbo of waiting to find out if it will be is wearing on me and sapping my energy.

I think we all go through phases like this?  Sometimes I think it would be better for everybody if we talked more about the times when we aren't winning awards and going full-tilt because the down times are the fertilizer for the later successes.  Or maybe I should say that these kinds of times are part of my life, and necessary to build up energy and ideas for later efforts.

Maybe I used up all my emotional energy earlier this week when the Cavaliers won the NBA championship?  GO CAVS!!!  Bzillions of people turned out for celebrations.  I went out for margaritas with some older ladies and we watched the parade on tv.  These grandmothers wanted our team to put on their shirts, quit getting tattoos, and "get a haircut!"  LeBron James is everyone's son, neighbor, friend this week since he's a local boy who's done good.

Maybe I should put in the disclaimer that I usually don't watch sports and mostly don't care, but the energy of everyone was electric this week.  I even watched the second half of the last basketball game.  GO TEAM!!!

But the joys of early week have faded and I'm lazy today.  I have some good wine that was made by an Italian with California grapes, but the wine was made in Ohio.  I wonder if that still counts as local vintage?  I'm thinking of putting my feet up and drinking some of it on this lazy summer day.  Cheers!


  1. I had no idea Linda that Ohio was a wine growing state....how interesting. I'm more a G+T or something bubbly girl at this vintage stage of my life...wine started playing havoc with sleep if I had a glass or 2! I think your lazy day is part of the general cycle of thinking and life...we need to pace ourselves..cheers! xx

    1. Whatever floats your boat Jane :) Cheers! I hope I don't get your problem with wine and sleep. I enjoy wine, not that I actually drink very much.

  2. I didn't know there was anything in Ohio besides the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Indians.

    1. We're a culturally interesting place if anyone ever comes to check us out. Not that we actually encourage much tourism :)

  3. Congrats to the Cavs! I can imagine the excitement. Major sports victories have a way of making everyone friends just because of where they live.

    I don't think of wine when I think of Ohio, so thanks for that tidbit. I hope your reorg settles down soon, then maybe you can take that exciting vacation!

  4. It's been 52 years or something like that since the Cavs won a championship. Or maybe that's how long the NBA has existed, or whatever. Like I said, I'm not a sports fanatic, but I am enjoying being around so many happy people :)

  5. Who knew? We have a tough time producing good wine in Minnesota. But you're right, the more you drink the better it tastes. Most of mine comes from a box!

  6. I haven't seen Ohio wine in a box, but it's cheap enough to buy a lot of bottles!

  7. Your purple grape illustration looks professional.
    Take that holiday, Linda. Even artists, who in the eyes of others have a permanent holiday or a life full existential worries, need a holiday. Or let me rephrase that; they need a change of scenery.