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Saturday, October 20, 2018


My Girl Scout troop decided to have a séance when we huddled around the fire during a sleepout.  None of my peers had a dead person to call back so I offered my Great Grandpa Winters.  I earnestly chanted with the others until I saw a thick wisp of something that looked like more than smoke.  Aaaaahh!!!!  I yanked my hands away from the girls on each side of me and had a full-blown panic attack.  I loved Grandpa and everything, but I was scared to death to see him in his dead form.

The other girls weren't happy with me for breaking the circle, and I started to wish I'd taken the chance to talk to Grandpa since I missed him.  Shoulda, coulda, woulda... let's make s'mores.

It's one of those days when I stare at the rain and feel uncooperative with the week's word.  There's so many things to write about ghosts and for some reason I don't feel like writing them.  Why should I worry about any lingering spirits' unresolved issues?  Go to the light and leave me alone.

I went to an art event yesterday.  It was fun to attend with live music and plenty of happy, friendly people.  I enjoyed looking at the art, but noticed nobody was walking around with purchases.  Three artists work in a surrealistic style, with Dali-like images.  This isn't original or new.  The paintings weren't even well-done.  Another artist painted vertical lines of different colors which looked like a house painter's samples or a homework assignment.  Another created computer-generated deceptions which pretended to be paintings.  They weren't even original images.  They were knock offs of famous people's photographic portraits.  I started feeling sad.

Thankfully, there were a couple of artists whose work was actually interesting, good, and creative.  They help me keep a grip on my artistic idealism.  Blogland is another way I keep inspired.  Sharing our ideas and work can be inspiring and help us take our work in new directions.  For that matter, even the Dali knockoffs provided some inspiration.  I got on the internet and looked up Dali's work.  I don't care for his melted watches, but I admire other things he did.  In that admiration maybe I can find something that finds a way into one of my efforts?

Sometimes it feels like our muse deserts us.  We stall.  We can feel intimidated by what other people are doing, or superior for that matter.  We can get mired in negatives.  The important thing to remember is the good is always there too.  Inspiration is available.  Find it.  Go to art shows.  Search the web.  Read.  Look at the trees and smell the flowers.  Open yourself up to whatever is around you and explore the good in it.  If you can't get out of your negatives, look for a way to grow in your negatives too.

I finished another painting but there isn't anything ghost-like in it.  Maybe IF will give me a better word for me to show it to you next week?  Wishing everyone a happy and inspiring autumn in the meantime!


  1. What you say in the second to last paragraph I find to be very true. We all do—I believe—at times feel deserted by the muse. But she is still around, we just need to put our minds back to a good place for her to be. Easier said than done, but she is never very far away. :-)

  2. I was thinking of your posts when I was writing that Otto. I like reading your thoughts on inspiration and our creative journey. Thanks!

  3. There is indeed always inspiration around us Linda, I just go out for a walk and there she is. I love your ghost story, such fun but I honestly have no belief in them at all!! Looking forward to seeing the painting finished. Thanks so much for your very sweet words you left on the Craft Stamper blog, you are so kind. Enjoy your Sunday..the weather here this weekend has been awesome! Hugs xxx

  4. Linda, your 'Ghost' illustration is perfect.
    But yes, it is a difficult theme. I couldn't find anything on my website with this theme. I rather would do 'Muse'. Or Moose, or Museum.

  5. I can't say Grandpa was actually forming in the smoke, all I know is that I got scared he might be :) I enjoy how you bring nature in your creations Jane. Keep it up!

  6. Cute Paula :) I'd like to see what you'd do with museum or moose!

  7. Great illustration and story about Great Grandpa Winters :)
    Yes, the good is always there. I get fun inspiration from artists who turn out to be middle schoolers. They don't seem to care so much what others think.

  8. Thanks! Students used to inspire me too when I was substitute teaching. They definitely have a different view on life.

  9. I love Salvador Dali. I've visited a Dali museum in Florida and even an exhibit in Nicaragua at museum. He did illustrations - his take - on Alice in Wonderland. I loved them all.