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Sunday, July 19, 2020

“Garden”, #inktober52, #inktober

I started writing this post about how the darned varmints keep eating my garden.  I got up to get another cup of tea and looked down from my kitchen window to see deer eating my gooseberries.  They’re shameless.  They don’t even seem to care about the gooseberry’s vicious thorns.  The twins camped out in my yard for 2 days.  They didn’t care about my loathing.  Sure, I had a few moments when I thought about how pretty and cute they are, but I collected myself and remembered to go back to hating them.  I fantasize about eating venison.

Okay, let’s switch topics and talk about something more pleasant.  I was at Mom’s house and commented on a framed collection of pictures by my great aunt Ila Rhea (Lee) Little that Mom had on the wall which I hadn’t seen before.  Mom said I could have it.  Whoopee!  I took it home and realized I don’t have enough wall space either.  I propped it up against the dining room wall and find Ila Rhea’s art makes me happy whenever I walk past it.  That’s got to be a sign of good art.

Size: 20" x 24"
This piece is very nicely and professionally framed so I didn’t want to take it apart to scan it.  The reflective glass and shadow box format made it hard to photograph.  That said, let me share Ila Rhea’s art from her college days, from 92 years ago…

I think I inherited that table
Obviously, studying my aunt’s work is much better than studying the devastation of my garden.  She was a lovely lady.  I imagine her decades of students were glad to have her as a teacher.  I wish she was still alive so I could ask her things it didn’t occur to me to ask about life and art when I had the chance.

Mom got upset with me the last time I posted some of Ila Rhea's work (which you can see here).  Mom said it was a violation of Ila Rhea’s privacy.  I said I thought Ila Rhea would be pleased people could see her art.  It’s a way for her to live on although she’s no longer with us.  How many years after you die is it okay for other people to blog about you?  I think I’d be happy if one of my nieces or nephews posted my work after I’m gone.  What do you think?

As an afterthought, I googled Ila Rhea's name and found this post about the school where she worked early in her teaching career.  Fascinating.  More stuff I wish I would've thought to ask her about.
The great lady herself :)


  1. What a special find at your mom's! I think Great Aunt Ila would be glad her art is with you and on your blog :)
    Good luck with the deer!

    1. Thanks, but I've given up on the deer other than shooting them ugly looks. I'll tell Mom she's losing my poll on this topic :)

  2. love all paintings.....so special...beautiful.

    How little deer come to eat your gooseberry? Did they come from nearby forest?

  3. They're pretty much living in my yard these days, but yes, there are some woods nearby too.

  4. The photograph of your aunt could have been taken today. She was ahead of her time. At our house you could eat all the venison you desire. I make a mole stew and hamburgers with onion and English prime rib rub. Both good!

  5. I'm assuming your stew was a mole sauce on the venison and not actual moles! Somebody has to actually turn my deer into venison before I can follow your example. I just don't have the heart of a killer.

  6. Your aunt was a talented artist. And a beautiful woman. I agree with you when it comes to posting. I think I would be happy if someone posted photos of mine after my death. On a different note: It seem like my comment on your latest post, spurred some response that you had to remove. Sorry about that.