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Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Versatile Blogger Award"

I’ll admit it, I love awards. Many thanks to Sharon for nominating me for a “Versatile Blogger Award”. Woohoo! Thanks Sharon! Visit her blog to see her art, crafts, recipes, travels… I’m feeling less versatile all the time while thinking of everything Sharon has been doing lately :)

Here’s the rules…

1. Thank the person who bestowed the award on you
2. List seven random facts about yourself
3. Spread the love by passing along the award to five other bloggers, and let them know

Let’s see, 7 random facts. Hmmm…

I’m great at growing aloe vera in pots. I like to give the babies, because we can’t have enough burn protection.

I straighten pictures on other people’s walls when nobody’s looking.

I collect rocks. Not fancy rocks, just regular rocks. It’s a genetic problem I inherited from Mom.

Sharon can do over 50 pushups. I’ve never accomplished one. Never, and I’ve tried.

I always have at least one dog, except for about 3 cumulative years when I was either grieving or pining for a dog.

I think dogs are easier to live with than men.

I can’t turn down cookies.

I hate picking favorites amongst my blogging buddies, but I’ll play by the rules.

Bella Sinclair
Otto von Munchow
Paula Kuitenbrouwer
Sarah Melling
Josh Pincus

I gave some awards out last year, so I picked new people for this one, but I still love my previous winners whom you can see here or here.


  1. Congrats! Like your random facts and am with you with the pushups and cookies!

  2. Congratulations with the award. It's well deserved. And then thank you for passing it on to me. I feel very honoured to be one of the bloggers on your list. Right now I am very busy and it will take some time for me to get back to my seven random facts and list of worthy bloggers. But I will get back to it. By the way I enjoyed your list of random facts - and thank you for being honest with respect to cookies. It means I don't have to feel to bad about not being able to say no to chocolate.

  3. Hi, Linda, many thanks! Your 'facts' are cute and funny. You deserve a lot of awards!

  4. I'm especially weak with chocolate cookies :) Thanks for the comments, and thanks for your entertaining blogs!

  5. Well done Linda, you will soon need a bigger mantelpiece to display your awards on! I always enjoy visiting you at your blog and loved reading your random facts...but don't worry I also straighten pictures but I don't even bother to see if anyone is watching-LOL!
    Enjoy the weekend,
    Jane x

  6. Sometimes I think I'm mental when it comes to straightening pictures, but I hate it when things are off kilter :) I like the idea of having my awards on the mantel. Maybe it's time to move the Christmas cards? Thanks for the comment Jane and I hope you have a great weekend too!

  7. Ooooh wow! First of all, congratulations, and YAY for the fun facts! My dad cultivates aloe vera in his backyard. At one time, I swear he had about 50 large containers of aloe vera. He is threatening to make me eat some every day because it is supposed to be good for you. Slimy.

    Hahaha, pushups. What are those? Aren't those bras? :)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the award, Linda! Gosh, I'm beaming from the honor! :D

  8. You're so funny Bella! I laughed out loud at your comment on my latest post and scared the dog. Hey, given your definition, I have at least 1 push up! I'm not going to eat any aloe either. Ewww. Best to stick with cookies!

  9. I actually think your blog is very versatile. It is all about your art. But the reader never knows what you are going to draw from your past, present and even future(forward) as inspiration for your post. Always a reading adventure!