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Friday, December 26, 2014

"Home" 2

The big day is over and the garbage truck has already come and taken away the ripped up wrapping paper and turkey bones.  I thought I'd take a moment to look back in the splinter of time before the new year and my new broken resolutions.  This is a stretch for "home", but Illustration Friday didn't give me a new word for the week -- which is a real shame since I had a day off and could've spent some time on it.

I've done an index like this every year since I started blogging.  The original idea being that I needed a way to glance back at what I'd posted, then it just seemed like a good idea and I continued doing it.  Though to be perfectly honest I didn't keep up with it this year, which meant that I had to go back through a year of posts to pick up all my thumbnails.

It was a good way to spend the day.  2014 at a glance seems like a really long year, but I had some good moments along the way.  I took trips and saw important people I hadn't seen in too long of a time.  I made some new art, some of which I'm really proud of making.  I had some insights, relived some memories, enjoyed my friends, got through work irritations.  That's all life.

We all do some variation of the same kinds of things within a year, but I think we mostly go through the steps unconsciously, just doing and living without really taking stock of any of it all that much.  Individual days just aren't that important or exciting.  Yet that's all our lives are, isn't it?  A long series of uninteresting days which are hopefully pleasant enough to make our lives generally enjoyable.

I guess I'm starting to understand a little of the themes that I've blogged?  Individual days, past or present, that are easily overlooked and forgotten.  But within those days, there's something which makes that day matter.  We just have to make them memorable or important in order to keep learning and growing. 

Today I had lunch with Tim.  I told him about the idjit at another restaurant who fell apart when I gave $20.05 for a bill of $10.03.  The manager had to handle the transaction since I wanted a 10 dollar bill and 2 pennies instead of a mess of change and small bills.  After Tim and I laughed about the past idjit, today's cashier tried to give me the wrong change three times.  The humor wasn't lost on Tim.  The manager had to take over the cash register at this restaurant too.

See it's a little thing, but I could write a whole post about people lacking basic math skills, America's dismal education, the fact that we let people like this vote -- or I can laugh.  All those little moments are opportunities to decide whether or not we're going to be happy people, and we get those moments all the time.

But I gotta admit 2014 was a hard year.  Too many deaths, too many challenges, and I'm glad it's over.  Looking forward to 2015!!  Wishing everyone a good year!!


  1. You certainly had an eventful year Linda. I hope 2015 is a less rocky ride for you. Looking forward to sharing another year of blogging friendship with you. Hugs xx

  2. I don't know how to break this to you, Linda. But, people will die in 2015, also.

    1. Maybe they will die, but hopefully they won't be any more of my people in 2015? At least I'm hoping so. My sympathies to everyone else who will have to grieve in the upcoming year.

  3. Wishing you a stellar 2015! Lots of interesting moments to tell us about...

  4. Thanks everybody! Who knows what I'll be writing about in next year's review :)

  5. I also hope you have a wonderful new year too Linda. I look forward to reading all about it on your blog.

  6. What a fabulous post, Linda..I especially love that you do this "look back" before moving into the new year. I am wishing for you a wonderful new year ahead. I so appreciate the laugh about the idjit..it is so true to make the decision for upbeat, vs. downbeat when life brings irritations. I often think that if people were more compassionate (especially on the roadways and during the madness of the holidays), each ordinary day would provide a bit more pleasure and joy. Love your wonderful illustrations Linda, and your words too...always something to ponder when I visit you. Happy New year to you and yours!!

  7. Thanks so much! On a good day I can feel for the people who can't make change :) Or just be glad that I can figure that kind of thing out. Hoping everyone celebrates New Year's Eve with people they like and love and doing the things that make you happiest!

  8. Thank goodness IQ doesn't = math skills. Or I'd be in trouble. Happy New Year Linda! I'll look forward to more memorable posts from you.

  9. Happy New Year Sharon! You don't even need a calculator any more since you can do that for free online, so I don't think you have to worry about lost math IQ points :)

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