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Saturday, April 25, 2015


I'm too familiar with this word for the week.  I came home from work the other day feeling like I had worked a month of Mondays and felt like I had to unclamp every muscle in my body in order to sit down and pet the dog.

Since out there is stressful, I've been improving my habitat lately and decided to get new living room curtains.  I wanted a floral, white and green and summery.  It seemed so obviously attainable, it didn't occur to me that stores wouldn't have them.  In the end I bought a paisley, but the tops weren't right, and the length was too long.  I dragged out the sewing machine.

I made the curtains what I wanted them to be, which involved all sorts of things that I don't do: ironing, pinning, sewing... and the curtains turned out to be a lot like the old ones, but I'm happier.

I made Sculpey flowers and pinned them on, and put Grandpa's bells on the tie-back.  I ran Sculpey through a pasta machine and made feathers too.  (Not to be confused with my previous Sculpey feathers.)  It's a whole lot of nothing for nothing, and the kind of thing I get into.  It's my world, my space, and I can do whatever I want in it -- and sometimes that's really necessary when the world makes me too tense to pet the dog.

I've been continuing with my linoleum blocks too.  This sun was just fun for fun.  I don't have any plans for it.  Some day I'll be tired of looking at Sculpey flowers and feathers and they'll go to the basement.  I don't know if anyone else will ever want them, and the bother of trying to sell them takes away from my fun in creation.  Sometimes I wonder if my relatives will throw all of it away when I die, and what's the point of any of it.  Sometimes I can go too far into the whole existential philosophy of why bother with anything at all?  Maybe I should mention that I went to another funeral this week.  That kind of thing spurs existential angst.

I told my brother the word for the week is "tense".  He drew tents in a military encampment.  I observed that his tiny 1 1/2" drawing didn't really show the tents well enough so he provided the enlargement detail.

Making stuff is one of the ways I deal with life.  Some people cook, knit, or make furniture in the garage.  It's good to bring something new into the world.  I know other coping skills too, like watching ripples on the river or waves in the ocean, meditating, reading, tv, planting something in the garden.  Whatever feels good to us is what we should do unless it goes against someone else's happiness.

Sometimes we all get to the point where we feel like lashing out and taking our frustrations out on someone else.  It's better to make stuff and think out better solutions to our problems.  Sometimes I need to remind myself of that and pet the dog.


  1. And sometimes tilapia and mashed potatoes and a tomato salad combined with conversation can be nearly as effective.

  2. Excellent point! And I am so lucky to be able to share that with you. Thanks!

  3. Your curtain project looks and sounds therapeutic and productive with nice results - the best kind!
    And I love your brother's interpretation of the prompt, complete with marshmallow roast :)

  4. Sorry to hear it's been a tense week Linda but you certainly have the right coping skills. Creativity just absorbs anything negative. ...your curtains looks beautiful. I loved your brothers tents. ..that must also have made you smile. Hope this week turns out better xx

  5. I'll be glad to let Bro know that his art is appreciated. I hope this week is better too, and better for everyone else too. Whatever happens, at least I can stare at the curtains :)

  6. Oh my goodness, Linda, I had that same kind of start to the week. I'm hopeful that the weekend has un-tensified you tremendously! I am amazed at your sculpey work!! I love it! And seeing your former posts of your linoleum blocks..well, wow! Beautiful work, as per usual. I can't believe how quickly time flies..congratulations on your bloggiversary too! Thank you so much for visiting my dusty old blog..I always love your visits! Have a wonderful week ahead, and create..you are so right, I do the same when life gets a bit mucky.

  7. Many thanks Shirley! It's so nice to see your kind words, especially during a tense week. The weekend was great. Hopefully this week will go better than last and I hope you have a great week too!

  8. I agree with you, we should just do whatever feels good to us when dealing with existential questions of life. As long as we don't hurt anybody. Making stuff is a great way. I think.

  9. Your tense and window themes go hand in hand. You really personalized them. I need curtains so people that sell things can't see that we're here!

  10. Creating as coping is a wonderful thing. I like your linocut.

  11. Great curtains. lovely linocut, and funny sketches by your brother. I totally identify with making as a tension reliever or depression lifter.

    I just got your linocut that I won in the drawing. That certainly lifted me today!

  12. I'm glad you like the linocut Melissa! It was fun to make and fun to give away. Thanks for the comments everybody! Lets all keep creating :)

  13. Linda, I think the world in general just experienced a really tense week- We're fortunate that we have ways to release through these various creative outlets. Oh yeah, and I keep my two pups close, too! Hoping May is an easier month for everybody!

    1. Puppies make everything better. I hoping with you that May is better for everybody!

  14. The point of all your decorations and illustrations is that they inspire you and others. Linda, a big thank you for being there and inspiring all your web-log readers (an many more).

  15. Thanks Paula! Sometimes it's good to get perspective on play time :)