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Sunday, April 19, 2015


Congrats to Melissa at anthemsweet.com!  She won the flower print I made and colored with pencil.  Thanks everybody for playing :)  Visit her blog here to see her art and the art that inspires her (and me too).

You never know, I might even color some more of the prints, but the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and there's so many things I feel like doing now that Ohio is turning into the beautiful place that makes me glad to call it home -- but if anybody wants to give me a lot of money I'd be even happier to become a snowbird and winter someplace warmer.

The greatest joy lately is being able to open my windows and let new air into my world, but mostly I've been outside whenever possible and doing yard stuff that hasn't been done sufficiently in quite a while and cleaning inside the house when the weather is less cooperative.  Working gets in my way of doing things, and piling up sticks and mucking out the pond is important.  It gives me time to think, and I don't think I've had enough space to do that for quite a while.

The problem with all this thinking is that my moods are fluctuating all over the place.  Sometimes I just want to feel the breeze and be a flower, thinking flower thoughts and feeling a fuzzy bee walking on my face.  Why do people have to think more than that?  Let alone obsessively thinking about stuff without finding a resolution.  I haven't mastered being a flower yet.  I look at my windows and think about washing them.  Flowers never think about that.

I posted this drawing of my window a few years ago, but it fits this week's word too perfectly not to post it again, especially when there's so much spring stuff to do!


  1. Well done to lucky Melissa. I'm so glad it's warming up over your way Linda...there is nothing like open windows. sunshine and humming bees....bliss xx

    1. I'll admit to a little envy to your flowers Jane, but I'm catching up!

  2. No way! I never win things like this. (I guess the odds are that everyone feels that way.) I can't wait to see the art in person.

    It is so good to be outside a lot, doing work that leaves room for thought--or room to be closer to the flowers, feeling the flower's feelings, considering the lilies, as it were.

    Thanks for the link to my somewhat neglected blog. (Gardening is taking precedent just now.)

  3. I love the window drawing--just wanted to say. Love the layers.

  4. Thanks Melissa! I'm glad you're out enjoying the nicer weather too. I hope you enjoy the print!

  5. wonderful work! I like this nice, gentle line in your illustration :)

  6. Oh, I like that, "thinking flower thoughts" approach. You are definitely reading my thoughts about wrestling with the resolution of things..maybe I need a pond too? Beautiful drawing, Linda!

  7. Bummer, I missed your giveaway! What a happy piece. I wish I could do more of them myself. But my last one was a disaster. I actually had to call it off. Thank goodness it is open window season. Except this week. Brrr....

  8. Thanks everybody! This was a pleasant drawing to do since it wasn't really for anything. Just an afternoon on my couch staring out the window. We all need some quiet time like that every now and then.

  9. As you may know by now, I am a man of all seasons, but, yes, spring is somethings special, isn't it. Thinking flower thoughts would be a good thing now, wouldn't it. But maybe hard to master...

  10. Nice illustration, Linda.
    I'm with you on preferring to draw a window over cleaning it. I like the rain to do that for me.

  11. I've had that same thought about letting rain wash the windows for me Paula :) I'll keep trying to master flower thoughts instead of window washing. Thanks for the comments!