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Sunday, July 24, 2016


I will have the most perfect illustration for "Trapped" because I have an assignment for a magazine article on the topic, but the illustration doesn't exist yet and I couldn't show it until after it's published anyway.  All I can show for now is that I'm building a cinder block wall as a part of it.

The Republican National Convention has left Cleveland and as far as I know there weren't any international incidents other than the inevitable Trump nomination.  The people of Greater Cleveland may be divided in politics, but we're all heaving a collective sigh of relief that the event is over.  I realize the national drama isn't over, but I'm glad Cleveland came out of the event okay.

As for "Trapped", I keep flip flopping between bad memories and thoughts of freedom:  the misery of a bad marriage, the joy of divorce, bad jobs, great jobs... climbing tall, tall pine trees and looking out at the world with the view of a hawk, swaying with the wind as I clutched the trunk because the brittle branches won't hold even a skinny, little kid, especially if you go too high.

I think I knew at the time that the world was full of opportunities, even when I felt unhappy and limited.  I didn't want to be president, but I fought with my father that I could become one if I changed my mind about it because I deeply felt that women could and should challenge traditional limitations.  "Not in my lifetime!" Dad said.  "It will happen in mine!" I pronounced.  Maybe it will turn out that we were both right?  It didn't happen in Dad's life, but it will in mine.

I don't know if Hillary Clinton will be the one to break this glass ceiling, but she's come farther than any women before her -- and good for all women as a result.  I could say a whole lot about what I think of the American political system and how that has made a mess of things, and probably threatens the entire world, but I can't tackle everything important in one post.

I didn't vote for Hillary in the primaries, and even that feels like something of a victory because I chose my preferred candidate based on issues instead of gender.  I'll admit that I still wish for a Bernie Sanders upset at the Democratic National Convention this week in Philadelphia, but I realize this is just my personal fantasy.  I loved Bernie before most people even knew who he was.

Long before all this craziness, I was actually in the same room with Trump once.  I went to New York City for work and my boss got us tickets to "The View".  One of the guests was Donald.  He was perfectly pleasant and charming... and that's the last good thing I'll say about him unless I get the opportunity to say that he accepted his defeat with grace.

Perhaps, perhaps my childhood vision of a woman president will come true in my lifetime?


  1. I'm glad you and the rest of Cleveland survived the GOP convention. Yours is a timely blog post because in my class this week, we're studying "gender and leadership", and I'm feeling grumpy over the stuff I'm reading!
    Still, gender alone - like race - is not a reason to vote for someone.
    Nice cinder block :)

    1. I feel grumpy about the state of gender and leadership too, but things have been changing in this throughout my life and will continue to change. Some day women will have equal opportunities and rewards!

  2. The horrible events in our country and all over the world have left me tired; but I hope to be re-energized with some good Clinton/Trump debates.
    Your political passion is admirable and so is your cinder block. :) I think I see beautiful snowflakes in it.

    1. Now I can see snowflakes in the cinder block too :) You and me both in feeling tired from the negativity in the world and in wishing for good debates!

  3. I cross my fingers for a new milestone in your country. It should be that women and men alike could become whatever they want, regardless of the gender.

  4. Thanks -- I couldn't agree more! We've crossed one milestone now, a woman as a major party nominee.

  5. There's a very good chance that Hillary will win. Women have come along way since not even being able to vote.

  6. I think some of the speakers at the DNC are right to say that we can't count on the sane person winning, but I'm hoping!