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Saturday, November 12, 2016


I am just a little fish in a big ocean.  My one vote doesn't count for much, but in this election the majority of Americans voted with me -- and we still lost the election.  One shark can take out a lot of fish which is why fish often swim together for protection.

I accept the results of the election, while wanting to smack some heads (bigly).  I fear for the future, especially when I hear Sara Palin's name being floated for the Secretary of the Interior.  Everything I value, education, women's rights, the environment, world peace, a stable economy, feels precarious.

Such is the way of American politics.  I had hoped for a sensible election, but there were an awful lot of Trump yard signs in Ohio.  I was afraid, and sadly, that fear was justified.  Candidates and voters have the ability to be inspiring or not.  Hopefully we can salvage things in 4 years, and I really hope many of the current idjits will be voted out in 2 years.

I don't have much confidence in President Trump, actually none, but I have to accept they get a turn to mess things up for a while.  The eternal optimist in me hopes that there's some chance the idjits might actually accomplish something worthwhile without causing Armageddon.  If end times come, I kind of hope I get blown up in the first wave instead of watching the painful disintegration of our republic and world.

Elizabeth Warren gave a speech that echoes many of my thoughts and feelings about the election.  She commits to helping Trump if he strives to work towards positive changes.  She also commits to fighting him every step of the way if he works against the values we hold dear.  I'm with Elizabeth all the way.  If she runs for president in 4 years, I will happily knock on doors and do whatever I can to make sure she is our first woman president -- which actually would bring me greater joy than Hillary being our first as Warren is inspiring, intelligent, knowledgeable, and ethical.

I know many people share my fears for the future.  After all, we are the majority.  We need to remember this next time we vote.  Sometimes a good can come from disappointment.  Until then, let's remember Michael Moore's advice which he wants us to start implementing now...

Take over the Democratic party
Fire the pundits and pollsters
Obstruct Republicans in Congress
Stop saying you're "shocked"
Repeat: "Clinton won the popular vote"


  1. There's not more I can add Linda...wishing through US
    A well....we have Brexit to negotiate yet....what fun times are ahead. Everyone just needs to keep clear heads in the months ahead. I love your fish drawing...a winner for me xx

    1. Sorry my phone had its own agenda...should say wishing the USA well....!!!

    2. Thanks Jane! I think there's some people I'd like to push into a well, but I'm working on my attitude :)

  2. I think Elizabeth Warren would make a strong showing. Sarah Palin? NOooooo!
    One reason Trump won was because he was running against Hilary. Here in our neck of the woods, I saw hardly any signs for either candidate - a "sign" of the election itself, I suppose.
    In other news, LOVE the fish :)

    1. I do like painting fish :) Sara Palin for Secretary of the Interior?! OMG dark days ahead. I'm hoping that even though this election didn't go the way of the majority that the majority can still sway the politicians to be reasonable in the things they do. Not saying I believe that will happen, but I'm hoping anyway.