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Saturday, August 5, 2017


I went out for drinks with two friends.  One has fluffy hair like Rhea Perlman on Cheers, but she has regular chemical appointments to straighten it.  The other friend has bouncy curls like Shirley Temple.  She straightens her hair with electrical appliances.  My hair is straight.  I often curl it even though the curls fall out in no time.  Nobody else cares very much about our efforts despite the considerable time we've devoted to washing, drying, fluffing, curling, straightening, spritzing, gelling...

I'd pretty much neglected to get a haircut for the last few years and decided it was time for a change and cut it short.  I got into my closet of chemicals and played with colors.  I wasn't making a fashion statement.  I was just playing.  The joy is that it now my hair takes absolutely no effort whatsoever.

I met a group of people at a casual restaurant.  A woman came in, and even before seating herself, loudly asked, "Is that a menopausal haircut or just a summer cut?!"  I resisted asking in return, "WTF is wrong with you??"  I feel like I should point out that my group is mostly men, but it doesn't matter.  A slam between just us girls is still a slam.  Later, she commented we're near the same age.  We aren't.  She's much older, but she often says that even though she's been corrected many times.  I realize her actions are that of an 8th grade bully, but part of me feels like laughing because her effort to make me feel bad is a sign she thinks the haircut looks good.

I met a couple of friends for dinner, and one of them didn't even notice my haircut.  I guess she's seen it short before, but I'm choosing to think she's focused more on my interior than my exterior.  She's a keeper.

The thing is, nobody really cares that much about what you look like.  Although quite a few people have told me that they really like my hair short, I'm absolutely certain that none of them are spending a whole lot of time thinking about it.  Well, maybe people stuck in the 8th grade mentality, but I didn't even care about those opinions when I was in 8th grade.

I'm not so sure I'll keep my hair short, and I'm not so sure about the color either, but I love how easy it is.  I didn't even comb it to take a picture, just running my fingers through it.  That feels great.  I added some blue and feel like a mallard duck with a streak of teal in my feathers (even if it didn't show up very well in the photo).  I'm torn between adding more colors or just dying it all dark the way it grows naturally -- except white seems to be coming in naturally too, and I'm not ready for that yet.  Maybe it is a menopausal haircut?

The thing is, make your own style.  Express yourself in every medium, whether that's hair, work, hobbies...  Whatever floats your boat, bring it into your life and share it with others.  Don't let the criticism or peer pressure of 8th graders steal your happiness.

Fuchsia.  Yeah, I think I'm feeling fuchsia... I'll be a duck on a flower, or maybe a butterfly :)


  1. Great words. The color you are looking for is eggplant. A favorite Matrix Essentials hair color.

  2. I love it! It looks "playful", which is clearly one of your personality traits. Even your illustration is playful with the hair strands refusing to stay within the braid.

    The added "unnatural" colors that seem all the rage now are growing on me. I spoke to a woman at a service counter with a bright pink shock of hair on her otherwise brunette head. It looked fabulous. Yes, go for the eggplant!

  3. Thanks! We should all play more often. I refuse to live in a beige world :)

  4. People never cease to amaze. Menopausal haircut. Geezz. The nerve. It looks great. My hair is long and I don't like styling it so I just wear a pony tail all the time. Or hats. I really should go short too. But hats definitely work!

  5. Thanks. I have a lot of hats too. I was often just putting my hair up in a barrette. My friend who didn't notice the haircut said she just assumed I had it up again.

  6. Love your attitude Linda, and that's a great illustration too. ;-)

  7. Thanks! Doing my best to spread a few smiles around :)

  8. I think you are adorable! I've had that experience too, where people make underhanded complements like that. bitches. fuck 'em :)_bethie

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