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Friday, August 25, 2017


When I was a teenager, I put thumbtacks in the soles of my shoes.  When bored in class, I'd quietly tap dance under my desk.  How many classmates did I irritate?  My tapping started as an accident; I stepped on a thumbtack.  I felt like Quasimodo unevenly tapping down the school hall, so I added a thumbtack to the other shoe.  How many silly things are forever trapped in my brain?  Sometimes it seems endless.

A cicada was loudly advertising his romantic desires the other night.  He was so loud I thought he'd gotten into my bedroom, but no, he was outside.  He must've gotten lucky because he eventually shut up, and I fell asleep.  The next day, I found cicada shells all over my few remaining tomato plants.  I used to wear them as jewelry when I was a little kid.  Now, I feel all ew, ew, ew about touching them, and I thought something's wrong about that.  It's just an empty shell.  So what if it has too many legs?  Who taught me to be creeped out by legs?

I sat down and drew cicada studies.  Once I started looking at them, they're really rather interesting.  They have claw feet and bristles all over their legs, which is why they're so easy to wear as jewelry.  They have ugly faces if you look too closely, but their googly eyes are rather cute.  I simply don't understand how a giant insect can squash itself into such a small, hard shell.  I especially don't understand how it could extract it's antennae from that shell.
I'm procrastinating.  I told you in March that I started a book.  Now it's pretty much written, and I need a spectacular letter which will inspire a publisher to publish it.  I swear, writing the book was easier than writing the letter.

I gave the book to a friend and asked for feedback.  She admitted she wasn't psyched to read it.  For some mysterious reason the topic of Catholicism didn't appeal to her.  There's no accounting for taste.  I drove to New York and actually plugged it into the computer for her (which sounds more impressive than it was since I can get to her house in 2 hours, and it's very pleasant to spend time with her at Lake Chautauqua).

She called this morning to chastise me for keeping her up all night because she couldn't put the book down.  (Yay!!!)  She almost called at 1:30 a.m. because she was "laughing my ass off!"  I don't know if this was actually my goal, but sure, I'll take humorous.  It beats pedantic and dull at any rate.  She gave me more words to put in my letter to the publishers: easy to read, informative, inspirational, scathing, appalling, shocking, mind-blowing, laugh out loud hysterical, disturbing...  I wish she'd write my letter for me.

I'm going to try to get a conventional publisher (let me know if you have any contacts!), but I'll self-publish if that doesn't work out.  Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed!

I suppose I'll have to get back to trying to writing my letter, but now I'm daydreaming about a cicada tap dancing amongst the tomatoes.
Purple beans that turn green when cooked.  The groundhog took this to the ground multiple times.  The only thing that saved it was letting the weeds grow taller than the beans.
Swiss Chard -- the groundhog ate this to the ground many times too so I'm happy to have actual leaves

Spaghetti Squash

Found a living example.  He posed very nicely for me.
You've gotta admit he's kind of cute in his cicada kind of way :)


  1. I remember the first time I saw a swarm of cicadas. I was about 3. I've been fascinated with them ever since.

  2. I've never actually seen a swarm of them. They seem to mostly sing at night. There's something magical about the way they show up and leave their shells laying around though.

  3. Whenever I hear cicadas, the sound reminds me of summer heat. Nice take on "shoes" :)

    Congratulations on finishing your book, sounds like a page-turner.

    1. Thanks! This particular friend is invested in the subject. I'll look forward to seeing if others also find it a page turner.

  4. Glad to hear you finished! The hard part begins now, that's for sure. Knowing your reader loved it must be like a huge pat on the back. That's a really good sign. I'm working through my 3rd edit and slowly sending out queries. Still no luck. But I won't stop for a long time. I guess until I feel I've exhausted them all. P.S. My cat eats house centipedes but leaves the legs.

    1. LOL about the centipedes. Someone said I'm at the stage of rough draft to the final first draft of my book since if I succeed in getting a publisher I'll have to do a lot more editing. I'm choosing to look at it as all part of a new adventure!

  5. I think it's a very good sign when someone who, in the first place, wasn't necessary psyched to read your book, ends up not being able to put it away. As for the letter for a potential publisher, in the end I don't think the letter is what's gonna get a publisher hooked, but the book itself. I wish you all the best in finding a willing publisher. Good luck. :-)

    On a different note, and talking about cicadas. I have always loved their "love singing", maybe because I am not living in an area where they live.

  6. Thanks for the good wishes. I'm hoping! I enjoy the love singing too. It's not like they keep me awake every night :)