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Saturday, September 30, 2017

"Time Travel"

I had a dream once...  I was told by an unknown force that time didn't behave the way I thought.  I was shown a flat piece of paper.  "You think time starts here and progresses to there."  A point on the left was indicated for the beginning, and a spot on the right for later.  "Time isn't like that."  The paper was crumpled up and a place was marked with a black marker where 2 folds touched.  "In reality, these times are close together."  The paper was smoothed out.  The black dots were far apart when the paper was flat.  "The universe has folds in it like the paper.  Some times are easily touched from the present, and the present isn't as absolute as you think."

Well!  Mess with my reality!  I couldn't imagine coming up with this idea on my own and wondered who was teaching me such things.

I woke up feeling like I ought to inform NASA or someone in authority about how time works.  Of course, I didn't.  Who needs a folder on themselves at a government agency documenting radical thinking?  (It's so much better to blog about it!)

Sometimes I think novels about time travel wouldn't exist if there wasn't some part of our minds that believes it's possible.  Why can't we peek through the veil at the past or future events?  Maybe it's just a deep desire to correct the tragedies of the past?  Anticipate the tragedies of the future?

Mostly, I try to avoid politics on this blog.  I have opinions.  I'm pretty sure regular visitors can guess my opinions.  I just want this to be a pleasant place instead of foot stomping rants about the general public's stupidity and ignorance.  Sometimes I wonder if I'd spoken up more before the last election whether or not I could've had an influence?  Probably not -- yet, what if all the sane people had spoken up more?  Maybe collectively we could've changed things?

Current events in the US and in other democracies are comparable to watching the destruction of Rome or the Nazi-fication of Germany.  Except, the present stupidity is worse than the fall of an empire or murder of specific types of people.  It will be in the 80s (F) this week in Ohio, that's not right.  People are dying in Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands because the strength of hurricanes is part of climate change, and the government is slow to help these people because they're not white enough.  (...deleting obscenities...)  US officials aren't working to protect the safety of our elections because Russian interference worked out for Republicans.

If I could time travel, I'd like to peek ahead 50 years to see whether or not Earth still exists as we know it.  I'd go back in time and try to argue more persuasively to the idjits.

Unrelated, I have ranted about wildlife decimating my gardening efforts.  Since the groundhog kept eating my Swiss chard, I planted some in an indoor pot.  I couldn't understand why it didn't grow very well despite my best efforts.  I wondered if the groundhog had found a way inside -- and then I caught my dog eating it.  Varmints inside and out!


  1. It's obvious that you took Penny well and that she knows the good taste of Swiss chard and other greens. Too bad it took you this long to discover that the feature. Perhaps in the future you will plant two pots of Swiss chard; one close to the floor for Penny and the other on the kitchen counter for Linda. If you're back porch can be litely insulated for the winter, perhaps you could grow cold weather crops in large containers out there for your future vegetable needs. You should look at the Alaska grow bucket system to be the foundation of your porch garden.

  2. "Taught Penny" not "took Penny" ... I selected preview, saw the ^£#####^%<! autocorrect change but could not get back to change or before publishing.

  3. Being dyslexic anyway, I just read through typos. I left the chard on the floor. If she craves vitamins, let her ear some of it. Obviously, I'm less charitable towards the groundhogs!

  4. I've read some theories on time/space and multiverses - very similar to your dream. I believe it in theory, but it's hard to wrap the brain around, we humans typically think so linearly.
    Your crumpled paper illustration looks to me like someone bent over and crying. She's seen the future??

  5. Oh my, I see the crying woman too. I didn't know, but I guess it's appropriate. I've never read Dune, but I guess that author talks about space being folded too. I can't really get my mind around this stuff either.

  6. Of course, the Earth won't exists as we know it today in 50 years, but hopefully it will exist - as we human beings... Time is an interesting physical quality that we yet do not know all about. So maybe your dream will turn out to be true one day.