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Friday, February 23, 2018


There are a lot of people who think they'd be the knight in shining armor if they ever faced danger.  Most of those people would fail to be heroic.  It isn't like the movies or video games.  Quite a few people would freeze or piss their pants, and the rest would run or hide which is the most sensible thing to do.

The news has been non-stop about the school shooting in Florida.  Whatever the actions of the individuals in that crisis, I think the kids who are facing down the politicians are on a quest we can all admire.

Guns aren't my issue.  I've been more active in promoting actual education in schools than worrying about school safety.  I grew up with guns, know people who are rabid about having them, others who are rabid to get rid of them.  I feel like the last moderate.

I'm aware the NRA owns politicians, and the NRA isn't a responsible owner of the people.  It's an organization that profits from gun sales and therefore death and injury.  I don't care (much) if hunters want to hunt.  Come to my house and take out the deer and groundhogs.  I'll feel bad about it, but also rejoice to have a decent garden again where I can feel bad about shoveling a worm in half.  But knowing hunters, I also know you don't need a semi-automatic to take out a deer.  Stop BSing us.  You just want the most lethal guns to cover your insecurities.

The facts are against gun owners.  A gun in your house makes you and your loved ones more likely to getting shot either by accident, suicide, or domestic violence.  Countries that have banned guns have less gun violence.  Arming teachers isn't going to happen.  Pay for proper security and school supplies instead.  Having responsible background checks isn't going to change your life unless you can't pass a background check -- and then I think everyone else would agree you shouldn't have a gun.  I also think we can all agree that if someone is on the do not fly list they shouldn't have a gun either.

I can sort of understand gun owners' statements about rights, but at some point your rights end where they infringe on someone else.  Your freedom of speech doesn't allow you to shout "Fire!" in the movie theater.  Public safety has to be taken into consideration.

I'm glad the Florida kids are speaking up and protesting, yet at some point the adults need to take over to pass reasonable restrictions.  Pressure needs to be put on the politicians and companies which support the NRA dictatorship.  Mental health care needs to happen when someone is at risk of becoming violent (and in general for a happy society).  Movies and games should quit glorifying violence in ever increasing realism.  There are many things we can do, and must do, including having reasonable conversations.

I don't want to romanticize knights who made games of violence.  More than anything, we need to address our violent culture which is rife with child abuse, spousal abuse, rape, harassment, misogyny, murder, war, etc., etc., etc.  A better world is possible.  Let's work together to make it happen.

The tools are part of a work in progress.  Right now I'm thinking of using them to dismantle and bang up military grade weapons.


  1. It's good to read this Linda as I really feel I cannot comment, being a UK citizen, but we are all horrified by the carnage again in your country in this school. We cannot understand families even owning guns and as you say how on earth can an ordinary civilian ever need an automatic weapon? It's madness. The kids in Florida are hopefully starting the long road to sort this out and find a solution to this horrendous problem, I admire them very much.Your tool kit is a good start! Have a peaceful weekend xx

  2. Thanks Jane! Sometimes I think ideas get so ingrained that some people just can't conceive of a world that's different than the one they're living in. Voices from outside can inform and improve the situation for people on the inside of the situation.

  3. Nice illustration. I always appreciate the "non-obvious" route.

  4. Thanks! And sometimes I just like being contrary :)

  5. Your commentary is as terrific as the painting of the tools. You are not the last moderate left in the US ... but it is so disheartening that even here in Florida, there are still very vocal politicians and constituents who are claiming that ANY restrictions on assault weapons is too much down the slippery slope. When will they realize that slope is being made even more slippery with the blood of our children and other innocents.

  6. Thanks Korki! I think as long as politicians stick to their assigned speaking points they're refusing to actually discuss anything, yet still I hope for the meaningful conversations and compromise.

  7. I'm enjoying your detailed paintings!

  8. What happened in Florida is terribly sad. Unfortunately it seems to be happening too often. As you say, the facts are against gun owners. At least any guns that are only intended for shooting human beings. Like you, I have nothing against hunting. But the liberal gun laws of the States just provide for a gruesome statistic. No other "civilized" country has so many gun killings as USA per capita. We talk about a magnitude of two digits compared to any comparable country.