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Friday, March 2, 2018


I'm an enthusiastic yet terrible pianist.  On my best day I can use 3 fingers on a song.  It doesn't stop me from playing.  Sometimes I sing too, but that's asking for quite a bit out of me at a time, like skipping and crocheting at the same time.

My dog isn't picky about my musical efforts unless I howl.  She's not quite sure what to make of that.  The howling started on a date at his suggestion.  He seemed to think I need loosened up.  I think he was right.  I discovered I like howling.  I can make myself belly laugh all by myself, well sort of by myself since the dog is here looking at me with worried eyes.  She's getting old, 17 this week in fact.  Maybe I should quit worrying her with howling?  Oh well, she's pretty deaf at this point anyway.  I'm not giving it up.

I'm lousy at the piano because I never had any lessons.  Ironically, I used to be in charge of the music program at the local civic center.  I kept meaning to take lessons with the very nice young man who taught piano, but you know, one thing or another got in the way.  I'm not sure being responsible has ever brought real joy into my life?

My favorite part of the pianos at the civic center was when the piano tuner came.  He's from Sparta,Tennessee, the same miniscule town where my grandpa was from.  I could listen to the piano tuner all day, and he's a talker.  It was kind of like having Grandpa back for a while.  Now that I'm thinking of it, a day with the piano tuner was kind of like a year with Grandpa, who was definitely not a talker.

Near the end of Grandpa's life, I went to see him when he was just getting up in the morning.  He was still rubbing the sleep from his eyes when he said something, but it was hard to figure out what he was saying.  The accent was so thick you'd think he'd just come from the woods a couple hundred years ago, not at all like the mellowed accent I knew from his 70-some years living in Ohio.  The more he woke up, the more he lost that heavy accent, but I wished he'd talk that way a while longer.  I found it fascinating.

It's one of the things I never understood about "My Fair Lady".  Why change her accent?  I thought she was fun to listen to, while the Professor Higgins' accent was kind of dull.

I, on the other hand, don't have an accent.  You can listen to people on tv and they talk like me.  Sort of.  Mostly.  I asked my dog, "Dja wanna ga out?"  Okay, maybe I hear it.  Even I have never understood why there's a J in "did you".  A guy I know from Michigan likes to say "Djeat?" which is an invitation to get food.  That's nice.  Sure, let's eat.

I suppose none of this says much about pianos except nice memories of the tuner, but I'm in a merry mood today for no particular reason.  I started another painting, the intention being to work out some negative issues.  I kept thinking of pleasant associations instead, and I scolded myself for not sticking to the point.  Pfft.  Isn't the point to get rid of the sh*t so I can be happy?  If I'm already there, why mine sh*t?

I finished my tool painting.  This is small, 14" x 11", and no point to it at all other than to say everybody needs to own these basic things even if you don't know how to fix anything.  Bro2 says it should include a staple gun, but I didn't have room for that.  What tool do you think is essential?


  1. I had piano lessons, but hated them. Ugh! is that really a painting? Wow! So real. Great job.

  2. Thanks Sharon! I'm having fun with the realism lately. People who got piano lessons often share your point of view. Maybe I wished for them because I didn't get to have them?

  3. My Hb is like you Linda, he also had no piano lessons. He is teaching himself from the internet and doing a pretty decent job! I have played since I was 5 and I do love to tinkle away. I had lessons from age 5-18 but was always a rebel and never practiced enough. However it did give me an ability to play and I am very grateful for it. I love both your piano painting and your wonderful tool box....they look just fab. The tool box imo is complete... a staple gun would not be in mine...far too dangerous for me....I would be likely to damage someone or something as my DIY skills are primitive. Have a great week xx

  4. Maybe I should take internet lessons too. It sounds to me like everyone who had the lessons was reluctant to practice. Staple guns aren't dangerous unless you're pointing them at someone, but if not, there's always duct tape!

  5. Can't live without a saw. So much fun destruction you can do with a saw... Otherwise I like your description of your nice relationship with the piano and through that, of course the piano player. I never learned to play it myself, though, but I do like piano music. Otherwise, I would hold on to that merry mood for as long as possible.

  6. Still happy and humming :) I thought about a saw too, but then thought maybe that was more advanced than basic tools? Personally, I have to have one and a staple gun too.

  7. I'm sorry I missed this one. Your "piano" illustration is great. Nice subtle coloring.