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Saturday, September 21, 2019


I keep a folder for dreams, not every day dreams, but the ones waking me up at 2:15 in the morning.  Of course they aren't always at 2:15, but a surprising amount of them are at that time.  I take notice when one of them comes because my subconscious is trying to tell something my conscious brain rejects or can't see.

I recently heard the best description I've heard yet to describe intuition.  Our conscious mind is slow compared to our subconscious brain.  Think of it like a computer.  Our conscious brain only uses the data and programs it needs to get something done.  Our subconscious is everything on our hard drive.  It's all our programming and everything we've ever experienced.

Say you meet someone new and you mistrust him immediately.  You don't consciously know why you don't like him, but you feel it in your belly he's a snake.  Your subconscious knows why you don't like him, but it's too hard to tell your waking mind all of the reasons why you should avoid this guy.  In an ideal world we'd just thank our subconscious for remembering all the warning signs and repeat the adage to always trust your intuition.

Sometimes I argue with my intuition.  Maybe everyone else likes this new guy.  Maybe I've been burned too many times?  Maybe I should listen to all those people who tell me to be more open and trusting?  Ten years later I might be kicking myself at the memory of how my intuition told me not to trust the guy.

But sometimes I get those 2:15 a.m. dreams that kick me in the head about something.  Then I'm more likely to trust my gut because whether I can explain it rationally or not, those dreams tell me something I need to know.  Of course sometimes apocalyptic dreams of tornadoes may not get me to really understand the coming storm is Tony, but the dream will definitely get my attention and make me think about things.

I'd rather have flying dreams.  They're just fun, but I'm grateful for the tornado dreams too.

Unrelated to dreams, I was frankly avoiding my dogless house one day and went to Goodwill where I bought wallpaper for my bathroom.  The walls in that room aren't the best and wallpaper covers a million sins.  The old paper was pretty tired looking and I figured I needed a project to keep my mind off things.

Stripping off the old paper went pretty well, but the new paper was miserable to put on.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Goodwill, it's a second-hand store that sells things cheap.  Sometimes you get what you pay for.  As I balanced precariously on the side of my tub and strained to reach the corners by the ceiling I decided I'm definitely getting too old for this kind of thing.  I think I'll live with this wallpaper forever.  Thankfully, I'm starting to love it.

Then, I decided to show off the new paper and decided to take a picture.  Well, but the grout looked kind of bad now that the walls looked pretty.  I spent a lot of time peroxiding the grout for your benefit.  You'll notice there's a lot of grout between all those tiles, but I figure this is the only time I'll be taking a picture of my bathroom :)

Next time I complain about plumbing you'll understand why.
This bathroom is really, really vintage.


  1. That is a terrifying snake, Linda, and super sweet wall-paper.

  2. Thanks Paula! I'm hoping the bad dreams are over and the wallpaper lasts forever.

  3. thank you for sharing your experience about scary dream.

    Hope, everything goes well with you

  4. Thanks Tanza! Wishing the same for you :)

  5. I have a friend who is a therapist and does some dream interpretation. "Dreams can symbolize what we think... or be something else altogether". Yeah, that about wraps it up for me, but it's interesting to hear what others dream about.
    I've never hung wallpaper, but have heard enough stories to not want to do it. Your bathroom looks great!

  6. Your friend would be fascinating to talk with.
    I'd be curious to learn more about dreaming.
    As for wallpaper, I've hung it before without problems. This stuff was just too old I think, but it looks good now that it's up.

  7. A nice photo of a nice bathroom! I would never dream to hung wallpaper by myself...you did a great work!

  8. Thanks! I guess most people don't want to hang wallpaper, that's why regular stores don't carry it anymore, yet I could find it at Goodwill.

  9. Hello Linda, It's been awhile! I've missed reading blog stories, that haven't been given my attention while I've been obsessed with a book promotion project. After reading this post and a couple others today, I realize the beauty of the stories of blog friends who are simply telling their everyday life thoughts.

  10. I've missed you Anita! I understand getting busy with other priorities. I wish you every success with your book promotion!

    1. You’re welcome Linda!
      It occurred to me that you may not have remembered or recognized me from Just Curious, but I see that you do. :)

    2. Oh! Thanks so much for your good wishes regarding my book promo site!

  11. Last night, I was stuck in an endless, narrow cave like a long, low, claustrophobic parking ramp. Two dreams I had inspired my new novel: THE LEVITATION GAME. I love dreams! Now, I always hope I'll dream something big to inspire my writing adventures.

  12. That dream sounds uncomfortable, but maybe it will give you more inspiration? Interesting title for your new novel. Wishing you the best with it!

  13. Nothing wrong with vintage. It looks cool - although maybe not always practical when having to do some plumbing. As to our unconscious mind, I have definitely learned to trust my intuition. And as far I understand, you are right, the unconscious mind is must faster processing sensory inputs and thoughts, than our conscious mind. That's why driving is so much more fluent after we have learned to drive without having to think about it consciously any more.