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Friday, March 16, 2018


I was rummaging around on my shelves for something and noticed my pastels.  It's been forever since I did anything with them, so I decided to get them out and spread colored dust around my house.  Well, that wasn't my original intent, but it's what obviously happened.  I also discovered that whatever the medium, I can make myself crazy with it and waste entirely too much time.

The girl is part of an illustration I did for Mensa's monthly magazine.  The accompanying article is about grammar, specifically the sentence, "The maiden held the white lily in her delicate fist".  The point being that "fist" and "delicate" aren't usually put together.  This is what it looks like in the actual magazine...

You'd think the fist would be a bother, but it was ridiculously quick and easy.  I just tortured myself on everything else, and I don't really know why.  Perhaps at some level I can't separate my art from myself?  I still see things I'd rather fix, but sometimes you just have to be done with it.  Making her a twin was easy in PhotoShop.

Twin brothers plus an extra brother
There's a Twins Days festival near me, "the largest annual gathering of twins (& other multiples) in the world!"  I could never get my twin brothers to go to it even though twins from around the world show up.  I've got a friend who is a twin too.  He doesn't go either.  I think it must be hard to be seen as a whole human being instead of half of a set.  Heck, it's hard enough for me not to get compared to regular siblings in a big family.

I finished my latest art therapy painting, but since there isn't anything in it even remotely "twin" in it I guess I'll show you how it turned out next week.  I took the painting out drinking yesterday.  That was fun.  There was an actual reason why I did it.  The painting is about my last job and I was drinking with my friends from that job.  I sat it on the bench in the booth and my friends played Where's Waldo with it.  Our waitress told us about her frustrated art studies too.

I told you last week that while I am justifiably angry and sad about things at the last job, I actually feel like I took away more good than bad from it.  After all, I was out drinking with my buddies and talking art, laughing about the old days, shaking our heads over the stupidity that's still going on over there.  Done!  I smiled happily when I varnished the painting.  Done with the past stress, done with the painting.  Onto the next!

Preparing for my next art therapy painting, I read my folder for the job before this last.  Oh my.  That job was horrible.  It was even more horrible than the last job.  My jaw was clenched for 2 days after reading that folder.  It might still be clenched for that matter.  I suppose it didn't help to also read the folder on an interim job I had after that.

But the thing is, I'm actually looking forward to painting the next painting.  I left that job 10 years ago.  There's no good reason to still have jaw-clenching feelings about those people.  Time to speak my mind, express myself, let it go, and immortalize more sinners through art.  Yay!

Even my little girl art was art therapy in a way.  Maybe all art is?


  1. Twins are fascinating but I can understand their dislike of being studied! Cool picture Linda and I'm glad your art is helping you get rid of those unpleasant work memories too. You were right to get out...life is far too short to be that unhappy at work. Enjoy your weekend and your painting xx

  2. Thanks Jane! Maybe someday I'll find a job that's all happiness, but in the meantime I'll use the bad experiences as inspiration and life lessons.

  3. Sorry you are still having a clenched jaw over a job 10 years later. I had a job like that and I only wonder why I didn't quit sooner. I still think of it with distaste.

  4. I loved the work I was doing at that job which is why I didn't quit sooner, but looking back I guess I should've quit sooner too. Oh well, live and learn!

  5. Definitely all art his therapy :)
    I've had a couple of jobs I'd count as horrible. I think they serve a good purpose into letting us know where NOT to get a job.
    That's a nice delicate fist.

  6. Thanks :) The horrible people also make me appreciate good people even more.

  7. So pretty! Lovely little ladies. I've probably said this before, but I lost my desire to paint. I wish I could get it back.That desire to create.

  8. I lost my desire to paint for a long time too. My desire came back. Maybe yours will too at some point? Seems to me that creative people keep creating even if they switch their methods.

  9. Wondering how these twins might appear had you included their clenched fists? Would one have to be an evil twin? ;o) Great work, as always!
    P.S. Hope the desire to paint returns to you and Sharon- Maybe it takes a little time away, to come back refreshed, with new perspectives and inspiration?

  10. I had imagined them as looking down at more flowers, but the fists would probably come into play with siblings? I have been painting, and maybe Sharon will start again too?